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True Love Takes Work

If you’ve ever had true love, there a good chance you’ve also been in love with a no-good, unworthy scoundrel. This happens because sometimes your heart is in the right place, but it is blind to all the red flags that warn you not to go any further. Whether or not you find true love depends on you. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are You Ready for Love?

We often create in our world what our heart believes. While you can’t make someone have romantic feelings for you, you can influence their decision to commit to you by giving them the confidence to surrender to the feelings they have for you. When you love yourself and are dedicated to sharing your life with a partner, you set the stage for love to blossom. Too many young Romeos and Juliets believe that love is something that should just happen. In reality, it is earned. If you want true love, you have to be ready to work for it and fight to keep it. Love is never easy or free, but I guarantee that if you’re ready for it, its rewards are sweeter than candy.

Is it Real Love, or Routine?

Some people don’t like fake pancake syrup, fake body parts and are adamantly opposed to fake friends and lovers. Those same people could also fall into a fake love routine rather than face the reality that their relationship is no longer a priority in their lives. They may say “I love you,” but it could only be a superficial gesture.

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True love takes effort. It can’t be taken for granted. It is maintained daily with a combination of intimate and shared experiences, which include honest compliments, understanding, empathy and curiosity.

Are You Open to Constructive Criticism?

In relationships, constructive criticisms are observations and requests shared between partners to improve their relationship. However, it is quite common for these suggestions to instigate a defensive stance. But listening to a partner’s pleas for relationship improvement has the potential to bring the two of you closer together. This depends on your ability to listen with love rather than over-sensitivity.

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Does Your Partner Expand Your World or Restrict it?

Enough discussion about you; let’s talk a little about your partner. True love should expand from your current life, which means that it connects and reaches beyond your current relationships and experiences. In other words, real love should enable you to enjoy the same friends and activities you have always enjoyed. A relationship that is founded on jealousy, manipulation and anger will limit these types of experiences, restrict your choices and thus narrow the scope of your world. While this behavior may be met with a false sense of security in the beginning, you need to understand that this is almost never true love.

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Part of having true love is knowing and understanding yourself. It means having the courage to be truthful to your partner, accept their faults and admit to your own. True love is not automatic; it needs to be maintained. People change throughout their lifetime and their partners must be willing to alter their directions and compromise their goals in order to maintain their relationships and rediscover new (and better) ways to fall in love with each other over and over again.

10 thoughts on “Connect to True Love

  1. Annetta

    Yes, I married someone twice my age, I fell head over heals in Love with him only to find out the reason why he married me was to take all my money and what my parents had and then he blamed me that our marriage wasn’t working out and told me he had found someone else. I learned that the other woman let him and he soon sold his house and who knows where he is today. I have strong feelings for this man and I feel he still has the same feelings for me even though he says he is see someone else. What do I do about the connections of wanting him back or do I move on. Any ideas!! I don’t have money to talk to anyone so will you please leave me an e-mail.

  2. cristina

    This was well said! I agree with this 100%….everyone should read this and apply it! I will and have and its a great coaching to a healthier marriage or relationship. Thanks for the tips 🙂 Good Luck to all who try it and believe in it!


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