Finding Your Soulmate: Is the Timing Right?

 Soulmate Relationships: What You Need to Know

When you meet someone special, you wonder if they’re the right one. Will this last? Will you be together long-term or will this end soon? Before opening your heart to that one special person, it’s very important to open your heart to yourself. This means you should love yourself first.

As we spend time alone with ourselves we get to know who we really are. We see how well we enjoy our own company. We discover what we are passionate about, interested in and like to do. This also gives us the opportunity to recognize our strengths and acknowledge our considered weaknesses. We can become the type of person we would enjoy being with. It is important for us to become comfortable with ourselves—to love and accept the way we are right now—as we continue to improve and develop ourselves.

Is the Timing Right?

Timing is very important in finding that special person. Are you really ready? Have you given yourself enough time to heal from your last relationship or divorce before rushing into another relationship?  Our soulmates are attracted to our inner selves. The quality of the person we attract directly correlates to how we feel about ourselves, and what we think of ourselves.

What Soulmate Relationships Feel Like

Even our worst relationships give us a gift and a blessing. Our most difficult or painful relationships may have had soul agreements or karmic lessons we learned from each other. It is often in those tougher, harsher relationships that we grow immensely and prepare to receive the love of our lives.

When you meet your soulmate you will feel a connection. It may be a strong warmth between the two of you, a familiarity you cannot place and a loving, very peaceful feeling. You notice the communication flows between the two of you. You find it is easy to express yourself. This person gets you! You laugh about each other’s idiosyncrasies. If you should disagree, you are able to talk about it and accept any differences. You might feel as if you have known this person for years. You may see visions of this person from another life you shared, or you just intuitively feel this is your soulmate. You sensed life was pulling and bringing you both together.

Your soulmate is your lover, your best friend and partner. You can tell each other anything. (You still may need to filter the way you say it.) You have a great respect for one another. You are with each other in good times and help each other pull through difficulties and life challenges. You listen to each other and you help each other. You are each other’s best support system.

Is Your Soulmate Ready for You?

Just because you’re ready to meet your soulmate, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to meet you. They could be married or still in a relationship. If your soulmate finally finds you and realizes they are with the wrong person, what happens then? This can result in their coming to terms with why their marriage or relationship has not been working, even with all their best efforts.

Your soulmate may have baggage from an abusive childhood or from leaving a relationship that was disloyal or unfaithful and they may have unresolved hurt and abandonment issues. They may has a difficult time with intimacy, trust and opening up to you. In these situations, you may feel a push/pull dance between the two of you. (You get close. They push away. They come back.) Remember, your soulmate wants to be in this relationship but is scared to get hurt again or is afraid you will leave them. This push/pull may go on for weeks or months.

If you experience this, I suggest you pull away and don’t always answer the phone when they call. Give them distance. Typically when you pull away the other person will sense this void and return quicker because they do not want to lose you.

32 thoughts on “Finding Your Soulmate: Is the Timing Right?

  1. Pam

    I am trying to figure out my situation. As hard as I try to figure it all out, I am still uncertain what it means. I am married when we met we both had been in a bad marriage. Anyhow we hit it off and after a couple of months found out we were both having feelings for each other, the butterflies in the stomach it was like a meant to be. Well a couple of years later I finally got to meet his family. But when I met his brother it was different. He kept asking me questions and I would notice him looking and starring at me and when I would glance and he would be starring he would turn real quick. We goof off at Christmas giving gag gifts to each other cus he started it and it went from there. I am married to his brother but a few days before we married he asked me if I really wanted to go thru with it. Then when he gave me a hug he kissed me on the cheek. Later after getting pictures from the wedding back there was a photo of him and him starring at me and looked like he had lost his best friend. Am I reading this wrong or is there something there and because I married his brother it is messed up. He says he is not wanting anyone and that he was jealous of his brother and then said the one he wanted is married. Is he talking about me. I don’t know I wish I knew what to do. Right now his brother and I have been having a lot of problems. He is like pushed away while I am holding on to not hurt his folks or him. Please I need help can you please give me some kind of advice. It is hard enough without a job and taking care of him since his surgeries. Please let me know. thanks for your time. Please get back to me.

  2. stacey

    met a guy a work 6 months ago we get along well. I feel he started getting feelings for me as I have for him. he started to pull away SO I HAVE DONE THE SAME ,we still speak talk a little. so why does he stares at me? thanks.

  3. Pamela

    Name is Pam born 18/07/1975 currently met ths guy thru social network bt w connected the 1st day w chat en w mostly hv lot in common w understand each other can he be my soulmate?

  4. anders

    I like to know if the lady I once worked with in the former hotel is my soul mate I have a new prospect at the new hotel I work at I don’t know if love an wealth will ever find me I have never been lucky with either the lady I am interested in say she involved I don’t know if she is lying to me or trying to save my feeling’s I saw her come to the company party with her elderly mother does that mean she is involved with a another guy signed the lonely guy

  5. wilson gallaza

    I knew that Perfect Love or Partner will come across at the right time and place. As of this moment, I much particular with the future of my career and business at the same time.

    Thanks a lot to your daily updates and MORE POWER !!!!!!!

  6. Blackie

    Well about 34yrs. ago tried all these things and yes she really was the love of my life. I tried every way under the sun. She forgot to tell me she smoked weed. Then she went off the deep end and begin to on purpose to pick up dates in front of and every means she could possibly do to imberass me and a relationsion ship that started off and remained perfect had to come to and end after make ups break ups till I wore out. I stopped it finally like stepping on my own heart. Now she is dead due to a fatal motorcycle crash and here I am just left with broken pieces of a relationship that should not have went down the tube, SO I breath in and breath out and after 2 failed marriages first to finally get rid of her, I am lost and for ever lonely. To broken and to old to try again at 56. Good article though and with her I think I would have been even worse.


    I don’t know about soul mates, but I herd that we have more then one soul mate.
    So, I say life partner not soul mate, I have been online dating and I have to have met
    about ten men from ages 49 and on and all I have come across with are men who
    want a woman who is stable to take care of them. They have so many issues all I
    am looking for is an establish man but, none in site. I know who I am and I know who
    I want. Friends keep telling me to have hope but, I have been told this all of my life
    and frankly it is getting very disappointing. I am not willing to wait until I am 90 by then
    it would be to late.

  8. Francisca

    Very good article. My only question, how would I know that enough is enough? How much time should I give to this push/pull thing?

  9. Darlene

    I’m going with a guy he was born July 12,1949 we wee going to get married but I wasn’t ready.Maybe now. Is he interested in me or is there somebody else for me?

  10. Adriana

    This text about soul mates is particularly good because it says about the learning that some of us are passing through when meeting someone that doesn’t fit and hurt us…And then, after such an experience, we can blossom understanding and identifying a real good person for us…
    I am still in a very painful relationship with someone with the Asperger syndrome, but I feel that I learned so much about myself that I feel very prepared to accept that I must move on…I learned that I am actually a very ego centric person, so, I must change and I already changed a lot, being more aware that at my age nobody will ever love me as much as I expected in a wrong way all my life…
    Thank you for sending me this text, I will keep it in my folders and remember its meaning for myself but also will advice others with ideas from it:)
    Kind regards,

  11. Betty

    I have a wonderful soul mate and we are in abusive relation ships and trying to get out . Legal systems make it difficult though.
    We are togetehr as much as possible since we were 14 noq 61 and it seems like we were never apart and can even read each others mind . Right now I’m worried he is hurt and 2000 miles away . His new wife who took adnvanatge of him in a delicate mental stiuatio, (like she has 5 others) is very abusive mentally , physically and financlially same as mine . We decided last summer to finally get together as we feel like twins . I hope this happens before she can physically hurt him for something like life insurance . worried soul mate

  12. Carol Buschmann

    You know I was married to my first husband 55 yrs, he had an affairs while we were married, the last 20 yrs we were married we were like strangers, we didn’t even sleep togather. He died 3 yrs ago, , I hope I can find a guy like what you are describing, but you know this just woke me up. it give me so much to think about. I’ll be 74 in a couple months and I almost feel like I’m getting to old, but I was at the casino a few days ago and I talked to a lady there about my age and she’s going with a guy, and she told me she’s never loved like she does with this guy and it sort of gave me something to think about too. Thank you

  13. Fay Ebbitt

    Please stop my daily reading. They are only about love relationships and I still miss my wonderful husband.
    It hurts too much.
    If they were about daily living or life in general, I would welcome them.

  14. Vida

    I feel the push/pull he is not always there for me but i always go the extra mile for him but i am so tired now it has been 6 years now no commitment i feel he uses me his charm gets him by with women i have carried his auto insurance on my policy for over 4 years he never offered to help pay it i am just done i have some financial struggles but i can’t go to him because it would be a problem but he is a.jealous man. He doesn’t want to see me with no money

  15. chozen

    I hope she will come back to me she knows and so do i that we are soul mates i have backed off and she is in a relationship i dont know what she sees in this guy always in and out of jail and had beat her in the pass she always came back to me. And she knows we have a soul mate conection that cannot be denied. But sad to say she still loyal to him so i am backing way off this time and make her chase me or chase another soul mate. I pray she comeback to me

  16. Hillary

    I was wondering if I’ve already met my soulmate, in a friend of 5 1/2 yrs.. We’ve been apart for the last 4/5 months and it hasn’t felt right. I feel that we both have baggage from earlier in our lifes that in many ways are keeping us apart… What do U see in the future for he & I? should I be just me moving on? Has he?

    Thanks for your time & efforts,

  17. sheryl

    If you believe you have found your soul mate. Is there things that can keep you apart and how do you get past them? I have been with this man I love through thick and thin and has been thin a lot. We still haven’t met face to face yet. We can finish each others thought as well as we can feel problems with each other.I knew when something was wrong with him and knew when he was hurt before I was told. He knew recently that I was sick and I had to have surgery before I had known. we finish each others thought and sentences. We know we love each other so very much. How do get to the point of meeting face to face when it seems like everytime we get close something comes up ? what do you do ? He is a virgo and I am an aries. can you please help . Will we ever be together ?

  18. rosecoccarr

    he will not how can he be my soulmate…I don t know him anymore…he is a stranger to me.. it is like meeting a new peson..a nd I love myself..i thing I doing the rignht thi ng..ik loven\myself,,soujlmate…are funny..they never true to you ..

  19. rosecoccarr

    tis pull and push is going on for years..and if he doesn t know me by now then he will never know who I am..he does not understand me..cause he will listen one side of the story not my he goes there way..

  20. rosecoccarr

    I will like to talk things out but we cant be near each other..we cant even look at each other..he may be scare ,,but there is nothing to be afraid about..we only know each other a million years…I don’t thing he is my soulmate..cause he is iwith another women…an d does nothing to help me out…he will against me all the tikme..that is not love..

  21. Amada

    Hi, I believe I’m in the situation mentioned. I completely agree. I think I find my soulmate, he is thinking it also but is very very afraid of a new failure because 2 previous painful broke down relationships.

    At he point he is scared and pull away I also become this way, but when he feels alone also feels guilty for pulling away as just send very futile signals that I should catch; them I return very slowly. But I believe doing it he believes he is having me sure. Any suggestion?


  22. asli olcer

    Soulmates could not be better described, as I know from my experience! I have known 6 years ago that I met mine, but we are still living seperate lives untill now. I am single, he was divorced, has very serious trust issues, so his private life is like on another planet!

    When I firt met him, the minute we shook hands, I knew it because of a stange energy flow, I felt as if I knew him so well. The insights I felt also cheched 1 to 1 once I heard about his past!

    It is a wonderful feeling, this pull, but I am still lonely because whenever I met somenoe, I am still looking for the same flow, and it is not there !

  23. ron

    Great advice. Great read. Yes someday we all want to meet our soulmate that is for sure. I guess in the mean time we should know we are surely bless now. Be thankful for the now. Thank you again for the read. I’m 57 I look forward to meet mine. Just know when I do I embrace it. Thanks again Ron


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