Your Weekend Forecast for December 13 – 15, 2013

Get Ready for a Taurus Moon Weekend!

The Taurus Moon is in the ninth house—what a great weekend this is going to be! The “big” holiday season is closer than you think, so it’s time to start getting ready. Take this weekend to look around and appreciate all that you have in your life. Then make a list of the things you want and need and get ready to work hard. The  energy of the Taurus Moon gives us the vibration of completion, so now’s the perfect time to get started. Green lights are bright for traveling.


Most of the time you spend in your head translates to deep thinking. This weekend, however, moving takes you outside your comfort zone. Moving, not in a car, but running, walking or doing a sport that allows you to get your body in motion (even a little sexercise) will work.


Cha-ching goes your bank account as you manage to produce new income. Even though it’s the weekend, there’s an opportunity to make some big bucks. Hard work never scared you, so get the goodies, Mr. and Mrs. Taurus.


Every once in a Taurus Moon you get the inclination to be practical. Producing a splendid outcome to a task puts your money situation in an upward position. Have fun with the work you need to do—it’s all for the good of those you love.


A lover from the past keeps calling—and finally, in a moment of softness, you respond. Velcro comes to mind as this person becomes attached to you. If you’re not sure you want to proceed with this relationship, let the moment of softness slide by.


Making it to the airport on time could prove to be a bit of a problem. Be ready and set two wake-up modes just to be sure you are prepared. Once you’re on your way, your warm personality extends to others, making you popular.


While others might think you’re nagging, you’re only working hard to get your point across. Keep being relentless—it will pay off in the end. The squeaky wheel gets the grease as you slide into home base without a hitch.


Your resolutions to do as you please are accepted by your friends and family, putting them on board with any plans you have. Clear thinking and balanced energy embrace you as you extend your thoughts and actions.


Creativity heightens as you perform your artistic endeavors with joy. Your sharp mind is enhanced with visionary excitement. People are drawn to you and applaud your efforts. A project is completed, and you’re off and running to the next experience.


If you were running for office you would win. This weekend, take charge of what needs to be done so that you have a handle on all the ins and outs. Fine details catch your eye, giving you clarity and insight.


Putting your money where your mouth is brings you to the point where you want to take a chance. Go have fun, play, gamble, buy new stock—it’s okay to spend big, as you will recoup more than you put out.


Completing a task brings you a sense of accomplishment as well as a monetary reward. Put the money in the bank and watch it grow. This vibration sets you up for a great holiday season when you hit the mall or the Internet to buy gifts for those you love.


Feeling comfortable and secure gives you the push you need to start the process of making the few gifts left on your list. Ideas pop into your head easily as your creative process is at a high.

29 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for December 13 – 15, 2013

  1. Ann

    What are my career prospects in the new year, my finances and love? I’ve had several years of just hardship in all aspect of my life. Born 01/17/1970.

  2. Bella

    I checked All were Capricorn – Aquarius match ups that failed … My EX HE is a cap 1-11 she’s 1-31 it was a distaster 🙁 .. . Another BFF 1 she’s 1-4 HES 1-29 FYI I never DID liked this 1 ever lol lol 🙁 🙁 with 1 she’s 1-7 he’s a 1-22 chemistry was great – but a lot of jealousy … Another 1 she’s 1-18 he’s a 2-8 OMG 2 suffocating – wanted 2 spend her $$ 24/7 AND way 2 full of him self … With my EX HE tried N vain he has 2 kids however she couldn’t stand he was so successful spent $$ like IT was running water , BCZ he invented a product that went 411 world wide & With – all my BFF females they R born 64- 68 … However My EX & BFF of 30 + years he’s is a “” LEO “” born N 59 he’s a magnic – magnificent ouses SEX appeal 2, so there IS something 2 be said about ALL folks born N “””59″”” their different – special N their own ways they 2 are very driven & successful 2 FYI “”59″” folks R like us they march 2 their own beat 2 lol lol …. Lol im a Capricorn female 2 but what do I know never dated 1 , however with – N my cases ALL my bffs CaPRICORNS females are very pretty -strong willed – successful & ALL R major power players N the – their professional major corp world & with the Aquarius men N their lives they seem 2 be JEALOUSY – intimidated by their great looks – education- + BY then being VERY successful women anyway I wish you the very best & a happy holidays 2 you Rebecca .. Don’t listen 2 me & – but trust miss Quinn she knows her stuff she’s the best, love ya ms Quinn xoxoxo 🙂

  3. Bria

    will my ex come back to me we recently broke up and he is already in a new relationship.we’ve dated in the past. will we reunited? he’s a libra im a capricorn.

  4. Shelley

    I badly need a job and mental peace. Please pray for me. I m too much depressed and frustrated… I want to get back my love… Please pray for me…

  5. terron

    well me and my ex girlfriend diane 7-25-58get back together soon I miss her badly, my birthday is10-27-67thank you and many blessings

  6. ibtissem

    Female born on 16 06 1973 and male born on 26 04 1966 will we marry if yes then when? Will my new creacted company start to give me some benefits and when ?

  7. ibtissem

    Female born on 16 06 1973 and male born on 26 04 1966 will we marry if yes when so. My new company wil it start to get income and when thanks.

  8. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    LOL MS. BELLA… my co-council and darling…
    Capricorn and Aquarius are quite lovely together. there is a sense of romance and order. it is very workable and passionate.

    HI PAPA-
    you are a dragon, in Chinese astrology, it is the luckiest sign in the Chinese zodiac. you have a great new year coming up.

    HI ROY
    I see a Michelle in your future 🙂 feeling like Johnson is the pick here.

    HI ANGIE –
    feeling like you paid your dues to the love gods, a happy relationship is in your new year forecast.

    love is in store for you sweetheart. I feel ya, that hunger for the right relationship is brewing. current boyfriend is a good one. take him into the new year – and allow him to do the work.

    the new year will bring new happiness. I will keep you in my prayers for right action in your life.

    the love of your life is closer than you think – I see a ring in august.

    happy holidays and a great weekend.

  9. Leticia

    Will I be able to continue to work in my profession. Even those I have spinal problems that drs say I need spinal surgery?

  10. Bella

    4 Rebecca NO !!!!! I’ve know several of my bffs WHO ‘s tried- thought about trying 2 date Aquarius NO go … My EX married knew better but he married 1 … NO offense but it didn’t work out BCZ that —CH is out there living N la- la world !!! & crazy – gone she lied lied lied ALOT 2 N court when she got caught she – with her know IT all attitude narcissistic BS mess always right their stuff don’t stink attitudes tied 2 undo her mess when she couldn’t she got cute by her trying 2 play “” GOD “” judge & jury with a “” JUDGE “” – excellent lawyer ended up by she screwed herself FYI !!!! With all It was a nite- mare my suggestion would BE 2 look up their traits of A MALE Aquarian 2 see if you can live with them – their traits ‘???? I think maybe good with fellow air signs I know their ok with ” LEO’S “” signs !!!! Hopefully ms Quinn she will let you know however???? Hey on CP – on their website @ the bottom they have a capable test you can do 2 !!!! + Let’s see what ms Quinn she might says yes, but I don’t think a good match lol ,

    Hey Ms Quinn NATA but I love ya ms. Quinn I’m trying 2 rest up – & BE good but if you get the time plz read up ON my cities latest headlines about Y kids are still dying & + the BS they are trying 2 shovel AS BS – then you’ll GET – see that’s why I got SERIOUS attitudes ISSUES xoxoxo , I hope you have a great weekend you GREAT weekend warrior you !!!! It’s almost Xmas R you finished up with your shopping YET !!!! Lol lol & a ho-ho-ho & merry Xmas !!!! Yes I still have by sense if humor even though it’s still dark … 😉 “” it is what it is “” lol but No I still don’t feel good but I m still here , Lol lol love ya xoxo .. 🙂

  11. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    born jan 16 1963 female and male born jan 26 1959 are we compatable?

    hi Rebecca,
    Yes – a good match indeed.

    betty will I remarry if so how soon?

    hi Betty,
    a new marriage will take place in 18 months. enjoy.

    Its Marcos libra 10/8/59 will decide to be with me finally soon. and about what time?

    hi Carmen,
    Marcos is not ready for what you have to offer. next year in the summer he will be more prepared to be w/you.

    What is in my financial destiny??

    hi Donna,
    you have built a strong foundation. your life will remain strong.

    have a great weekend all.

  12. Angie Voyles

    I love the man im with, in relationships i give my all, but some how i lose, will i lise again, can i or will i finally ne happy,or will this be another heart break for me.Thank u .


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