Can Facebook Help Your Relationship?

Find Love Through Social Networking

Facebook is the hottest new social media on the block, giving us the opportunity to create whatever connections we crave. If your relationship is suffering, ladies, your Facebook interactions with the opposite sex will clearly reflect this! According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Facebook can be a treasure trove of infidelity evidence when one partner is stepping out on the other; however, for the most part, the benefits outweigh the pitfalls. Let’s take a closer look into the dynamic and details of these potential relationship cyber snares.

The Sweet…

Kudos to Facebook for creating a potential paradise—everyone knows that hotties, hunks, foxes and friends enliven your social pool. Who doesn’t love those chance encounters which can lead to long and happy relationships? No longer is it necessary to sit through a dull get-to-know-you date, when social media sites like FB allow you to peruse personal pages, posts, and emails as intimate as your imagination and individual preferences dictate. Most of us get busy with our lives and lose touch with exes and friends. Sites like Facebook can catapult us back in time to sweet encounters with long lost loves.

And the Sour…

Facebook can serve as a platform for intense connections and communication with others. If your relationship is on the skids, your facebook conversations can easily mirror your unhappiness. If you are seeking validation and attention from other men, you may want to reevaluate your current relationship. If you can determine what you are getting out of these online ron-de-vous, then you can begin to work on what’s missing in your relationship. Either you and your beau will work through things or you’ll decide to seek someone better suited to you.

So it’s time to own it. While Facebook may make it easier to cheat, it’s you the user willfully pushing those slippery-sloped buttons. If your FB relationships are substitutes for the real thing you already have at home- look deeper! You may want to consult an expert to help you navigate the storms and tempests of your romantic seas.

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9 thoughts on “Can Facebook Help Your Relationship?

  1. Danielle

    I’m sorry but I’d have to disagree on parts of this article. I have seen more than one relationship fail when the man/woman turned to facebook about problems in his/her marriage. They ended up meeting someone else through facebook being drawn away from their family (i.e. partner AND child(ren)), and one day suddenly up and leave to another state (and in one case, another country) to be with this person they met on facebook. I mean I could perhaps, be accepting of this if the person(s) had left being a lover for what seemed to be greener pastures but when it causes them to also leave their children, then it becomes unacceptable to me. More than one of these cases (I will not name any names) chose this new person met on facebook over their child(ren). I see more negative than positive coming from this.

  2. Ellen

    When Facebook first arrived, it served a great purpose – people looking for old friends, being able to re-connect was a very cool idea. Now it is used for too many negative things… between cyber-bullying and now people forming funky relationships and… I even know people who have lost jobs or did not get into that college they wanted to get into, because of things they have done or put on their FB pages. I truly think we all have better ability to look into ourselves in other healthy ways (talk to a therapist, talk to a psychic, self-help, help from a close friend, etc) to look into our own selves and definitely, Facebook is not the way to go. It has become a dangerous way to communicate, in my experience (won’t even go into what happened on it to my 15 year old daughter last year… to painful for me). Trust your inner guide, not facebook!!!!!!

  3. Natalie Holmes

    I would have to agree with Gina Rose. I’m a Scorpio, and although outgoing, a basic overall Sag Chart, I have no need to share my personal business with strangers.

  4. Fatima Haidary

    GOOd article..
    as i think ,,evrything has two ways to use, its up on us if we use the right one ofcourse we wil get somthing better..

  5. aber

    I think facebook is the hottest way of gossip and having a open relationship,marriage,relationship ETC. everybody that you want to hear > hears > and people whether a friend or a relative tend to add on to what you say and passas it on to the next who furthers the situation with adding on their comments >
    No thank you I rather keep my business my business . I think facebook is for nosiy individuals that have nothing exciting in their lives and that wants to get the dirt on a particular person and add more dirt to it . And crazy as it sounds this runs in females young & old > and then we have twons (guys) today that gossip worse then any female dare.

    No Thank You I rather stay private

  6. chloeChloe ext. 9421

    I agree. Sometimes these on-line connections can seem like a dream come true! And sometimes they do turn out to be.

    But be smart and careful; that on-line hottie may seem like the perfect mate, until you have to live with them.

    There are so many factors and dynamics to relationships we need to be mindful that the only way to really get to know someone is by spending time with them.

    Love & Light!

    ~Chloe (ext. 9421)

  7. Samantha Harper

    I personally dont care for facebook, I used to like it alot, when I first started college, but with all the changes I dont like it. I liked it when you had to have a college email in order to use it, now I get all these requests about games and stuff like that, and it really gets on my nerves. I have actually seen it break apart families and relationships! I am sure it can be used positively, but I am an old fashioned gal that doesnt need facebook or any other social networking site to make me happy.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Good article….

    Facebook, like any other social media outlet, can be used in a positive or negative way.

    I, personally, don’t have a need for it, as I covet my privacy…but that’s just me…
    …different strokes for different folks.


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