Understand the Virgo

(August 23 – September 22)

Virgo, the mutable earth sign god/goddess of the Zodiac, is the master of all the little details, because for Virgo God is in the details. Perfectionistic, pure hearted, hard on themselves, service oriented, Virgos are great with the practical aspects of life.

Got that urge to de-clutter? Call a Virgo. No one, but no-one, is better at making order out of chaos than this hardworking and meticulous adaptable Earth sign. With their squeaky clean productive energy and discerning eye, they’ll whip your house, apartment, attic, closet or basement into shape in no time at all. Those obliging and detail-oriented Virgos love to be of service and to be productive by sweating all the small stuff! It was probably a restless neatnik Virgo who said “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

On the other hand, if one of those pure hearted Earth people happen to be a closer relative or a co-worker, watch out! No one is better at telling you what’s wrong and what to do about it then these self-improvement fanatics are! With their ruling planet of Mercury, they will use their considerable communication and analytical skills, leaving no stone unturned, until they’ve set you straight. That way you can be perfect just like them. Perfection is a Virgo’s middle name.

They’ve got their work cut out for them, though… Nothing less than total flawlessness will satisfy this Paragon of Perfection. If you think they’re hard on you, relax! No one is harder on themselves than poor, all-too-human Virgo aspiring to demigod or goddess status. It’s enough to give them an ulcer. Watch out that these worry warts don’t come down with stomach ailments, cause Virgo rules the intestines, the stomach and the nervous system. The good news is as natural rulers of the Sixth House of health and daily work habits (and pets!) With attention to all the latest nutritional and health food products and programs, that should improve soon as well!

These humble self-sacrificing do-gooders are observant, adaptable and highly intelligent, learning from their mistakes, in truly inimitable mutable or adaptable style. They’ve got a thing or two to teach those fixed “I won’t change this nasty habit even if it kill me” types (You know who you are Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo) or that A type personality of those executive cardinal types (those bossy Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libras), who always “don’t have time to go to the gym, I have a deadline!”

Still, no-one is more pure hearted and without hidden agenda than these practical and sensuous, though sometimes conservative, helpmates. Only a true blue Virgo derives pleasure from picking up your dry cleaning, walking your dog or helping you out of a jam!

With Mercury the ruler of discerning Virgo in retrograde (from August 3- August 26) during your birthday this year, cross your I’s and dot your T’s, as miscommunication is rife this month. So do double and triple check all travel plans and communication related matters, and avoid signing contracts and deals if at all humanly possible, Dear Pure-hearted One. Take care of yourself – you’re always taking care of everybody else!

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49 thoughts on “Understand the Virgo

  1. Yikes

    You would think from reading this that all Virgos are perfect people OCD etc. From my experience they pick their OCD and some tend to expect others to be just like them but then they complain that others like them are too boring.

    Bottom line, I guess thing are more complicated than they seem but after I met my one Virgo man, I knew two Virgo women that were control freaks. Knowing the one MAN, I appreciate the organization and feeling that they do EVERYTHING perfectly..but the overly critical and judgmental part is so funny because they are only perfectionists about cleanliness and organization but do not care if you are in very cold or hot places…because well..go figure..who the hell knows?

    What they do is right and they ” hunt and harvest” people that will put up with them, usually the nicest people in the world and make promises about things, small or large that they forget…or maybe didn’t think worthy enough to remember. Double edged sword…

  2. manon

    I am a virgo and i was born on sept 11 1973 and my mom is a virgo was born sept 11 1957 bday same day ……. Understand that in a horoscope

  3. flo

    I am a virgo and I am proud of it. But like many of you I got hook up with a virgo man ,we had been friends for 6 years he pretended to be shy and from the old school.I bend back over to help him he always needed help with something .It turn out that is his nothing but a liar,dishonest and a user.What hurt the most he is gay ,he use my company so people would think he is straight. I loved him so much ,he is now with a man ,I cannot compete with that.But I am sure there got to be good virgo man ,I will not judge them all because of one selfish B.

  4. Maryam

    I am a virgo girl,and am proud to be.I often get too shy and I am very conscious of myself,everything and everyone around.I don’t trust anyone.I don’t even think i can.I am a good pretender.Lol.I love to help people,as i gain pleasure in doing it.I just want everything to be perfect,which i know can never happen.Even though,i try to make things get close to being perfect.The first thing i notice in a guy is how rhetorical he is in language.I just love intelligent beings.WE VIRGOS ROCK!!

  5. Bobbi

    Hello I have a question I recently started dating a virgo 9/1 I’m a taurus so we understood each other on a deeper level he would open up to me but would also throw me off at times too we recently slept together he was being really cold after I would think it was serious he wanted to meet my family as we’ll I did he’s but things are different now he says what we have is nice but he needs to focus on school I’m very confused I feel like he just lied to sleep with me but what do you virgo men think he really tried hard to make me believe him I would always question him because I don’t trust easily

  6. VirgoHater

    Asia, Patience and Disappointed. I sooooo agree with you! All points you made are the exact same thing I experienced with my virgo! He was such a huge liar about every little thing! Big bullshitter, talks a good game only to get what he wants! Never cared at all about the things I wanted or how I felt. He liked to play mind games and gets off on it! My advice to anyone interested in a Virgo man would be to stay the hell away unless you like to be confused 95% of the time!

  7. asia

    virgo men are liars cheaters and very sneaky they can risk it all for a piece of ass. they will create situations including but not limited to screwing up conversation tolying to get what they want. they think they are smarter than everyone and they are really moody and because their sign is controlled by mercury tthey can be very confusing . too much drama sex lies and video games. they can be so cold and calculating making plans for only themselves and can leave you heartbroken in an instant. they can be a good mate to the PERFECT FLAWLESS WOMAN. to be honest if your not PERFECT stay away from the virgo men because they will expose your flaws and if u cant fix them in a certain amount of time they willchew you up and spit you out. and if you dont put the space between you two,they will come back and do it again. oh and dont like to hold themselves back their need to indulge leads them to be cheaters also. they are really good freinds and fucks other than that their need for attention leads to trouble in relationships . i have akid by a virgo he is annoying illusive and arrogant . i do not like his ways.

  8. Scott

    I am Virgo. I find it hard to be with people who can not be there selfs. I feel that it is my duty to teach them to explore them self. and I am a very sensual person who finds pleasure pleasing. Is that being Virgo or being Me?

  9. Godess 7

    Greeting’s to the reader’s of a different season of dating a virgo. I dated a virgo man and he was very spiritual and sensual, because I elevated him into Knowing the beauty he posessed in and out. Relationships for him in the past was a disaster (Hurrican Katrina Laugh)! I gave him a gift of Romance, Fine wine, Fine Food, Extravagance. Example: I am Target and he was Kmart. I was fruit loops and he is fruit rounds; however he was a family man hard worker with four smart Kids half was only two ,academically but very disrespectful kids. I had the worst argument and said some very ignorant things to him about the kids, six out of four years the kids had that same conversation and everything was said to me. I checked my self because I was wrong but nevertheless I spiritual picked the kids whom would rebel and disrespect me. This self-centered virgo allow his kids to tell the current girlfriend about how wrong I was to him in the duration of my relationship, allows his ex girl friend time to talk about me and my past relationship to the kids, without so much as checking the Ex and the kids. Both parties should have been checked, yes the virgo man can be sneaky and will cheat. But they do not like to be criticized or cheated on, first and foremost cursing them out just bad talk will run them away. The better-side of a virgo man if he love you he will drop a love possion in your lap and that man will become very faithful, loyal, forgiving, understanding and a gogeter. The man I dated I fake love making then told him.

  10. Carolyn

    I am a Virgo woman, married to a Virgo man! I am 9-4, he is 9-5, he is 2 years older. Everything I have read say’s we shouldn’t be together, however we have 34 years. Talk about a meeting of the minds! We are great together, he is quiet and an introvert, I am the exact opposite, I’m an extrovert all the way! Makes for some interesting times!


    Is anyone a compulsive shopper as well????????????????????? i love hsn and qvc it has caused many problems for me credit wise but I cant stop shopping what is wrong with me


    IM A CLEAN FREAK AS THEY TELL ME . I have very bad ocd when it comes to my house and hygeine and expect my leo mate to be the same but NOT! he is a pig and I do all cleaning up after him he is a procrastinator as well and i am a planner we were married 17yrs i caught him cheating and divorced him now i got injured and disabled he was the only one offered me to live with so I did but things havent changed and I believe that he is just wanting my ssdi back pya 3 1/2 yrs to establish him a home with me I hope my claim comes thru soon we are going under fast our new landlord lost the house to fannie mae or mac and sold it 8/23 we have 90 days to evacuate so i have to move by thanksgiving day. very stressed out bcause he is wanting to move in for free at brothers and save money but deal is at my expense i have a 8 yr old deaf neice to watch and im sure i will have to do everything in house cleaning and dinners and shopping im not physically able or mentally able to do it. I tell him my worries but he is only thinking of hisself because of my virgo nature im a caregiving person and also with OCD I cannot stand clutter so i know i wil be cleaning whole house 2 men and a child and me I really think this move will be the end of me 52 yr old back brace and cane and no feeling in last 3 fingers of hand but what choices they have none in OHIO now for disabled or anything else I do not know what everyone is supposed to do or go this winter in the streets i reckon



  14. melissa

    yes im a virgo i think or so ive been told. bday is aug. 31st. i like clean and order but i also like to make everybody comfortable so i try not to overdo. i keep things clean and i pick up after everybody. i dont like making others feel bad if they arent that neat. i do like to help out others with just about anything as long as i know i can do it. i do work hard but i tend to want to do it all myself so its done my way and looks right. i really love people til they hurt someone i love. i feel sometimes im to trusting. but my one flaw is i tend to trust to long and i end up with a heavy dirty bag. i have steered cleared of love relationships because ive been in two and 1st hubby was abuseive and 2nd hubby died. so i figure im not meant for that. i am indenpent i hate asking for help. im like two different people fun crazy loving and then the other side of the coin sad lonely wondering what to do. but then i guess thats everybody. so im not sure i fit the virgo part. cause i dont always feel so smart. lol oh yeah year born is 61. this was interesting but i dont think it really describes me. thanks for listening to a long winded woman.

  15. Laurie

    I am such a Virgo (8/23/63). My problem is that I love being a Virgo but, it is very draining like Tunde said. I find myself getting more and more drained. The problem with me is that my other side comes out when I am drained. My Leo side takes over and finishes the job for me. With Leo”s aggressive side doing some things, I forget to be sensitive to others like normal. I wish I could be a Virgo full time. I love helping people. Whatever their problems are, I am willing to help make everything right for them again. That makes my heart so happy. There is nothing like seeing a person that was down, look at you with tears of happines, instead of tears of sorrow, and know that their day is going to be a great one for them. Yeah, I am definetly a Virgo.

  16. Alice

    Wow, just read a lot of the comments about Virgos and so much of that is me born 8-24-51 but what I marvel at is the connection I have to my first grandson who is a scorpio and feel like we have had a past connection…weird for me but we click so well and his dad, my son is a Pisces who I also click with but my grandson is the love of my life and I feel like his mother! Was married for a very long time to a cancer and had some great times but never felt like he ever really knew me or really wanted to; too interested in himself!

  17. Kalikoo

    I have been living with a Virgo man for almost 3 yrs. I am a Libra myself. But BY GOD, this is the most whinny, negative, egotistic man I have ever known. Oh yes he is all about clean as long as I’m the one who does it. At the beginning he was patient, sensitive and focus on more then himself. He was a very great guy. But the more he got comfortable with us he became my worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong I have many Virgo friends and they are the best. But I will tell you now, I will never hook up with a Virgo man again. Aries is what I like!!!!!

  18. Patience 1960

    I dated a Virgo Man and he is a liar ,cheater and don’t remember what he says at least he pretends. Laugh at when he hurts people but when karma kicks in he whines like a baby …guess he forgot to laugh at his own pain!!! the women he has now strings him like a puppy dog, then he has the nerves to call me. wtf.. Very cluttery with his home and his mind is the same way. He needs a can of Draino to flush down the bull!!!

  19. pamela jacobs

    I dated a Virgo man and it was the best and worse experience in all my dating history!!!! I am a Libra and I can tell you that the sex was great we even had a lot of laughs together, But he was a liar and eventually would cheat only to come back with his tail between his legs. He done me and now he’s being done and can’t handle what he dished out to me. There was a lot I didn’t like about his living habits he is ridulously NASTY. His home looks like to city dumb…OMG….Overall he is a hardworker and can be a good friend that likes to help everybody even the ones that take advantage of him. Still Love My Virgo Men though..

  20. Disappointed

    I have been dating a Virgo man (DOB – 8/29/1971). He was the apple of my eye. Until I realized he was such a BIG LIAR. He lied about everything in the two years of our relationship. I am a Virgo woman and I am nothing like him. He id absolutely trouble. He cares about no one but himself. He does not care who he hurts or how he hurts anyone. The best hing the I could of done was drop this LOSER!!!!

  21. Shin

    Hi Katrina. You absolutely describe me. I just think that this blog that you wrote is only applicable for a Virgo woman. I think it takes a lot of differences for men. Maybe some of your statements are also applicable for Virgo men but some don’t fit them your description. But to think of it, maybe it is still up to a person who she/he wants to be. Anyway, your blogs are only descriptions, just to know how well a Virgo is. Just like any other zodiac sign. So don’t blame Katrina if some of the descriptions didn’t fit the personality of someone you know.



  23. Tunde

    You just described me absolutely, but is there anyway I can really stop wanting to help others?
    It has really drained me

  24. rosemary

    the virgo i am married to is an absolute slob. he is what i call a pilot,he has one here and ther e and everywhere. he is an all out cheater on our,i mean my marriage, i am the only that has been married for 30 yrs in feb. 2012.he started cheating almost since we were married,at 8 months, i witnessed in person his aasault on my co-worker after my ten year award party. he had an affair in our home with a gay woman, i walked in on them, god only knows how many others,he now, as i write, has a girlfriend,which he denies,but while sitting in front of me, i heard him tell a co-worker all about this woman. now i am finding some very expensive items i bought years ago,gone missing. he says i have no idea where they went,but i do believe he does. i believe he is setting her table with my things. i have told him to pack up and go live there,he insists there is no one, but at one point, he said’i don’t go there anymore, so where is this there he no longer goes to. i guess i will be the one who leaves,perhaps that’s what he wants i am always upset to the point that i have an irrgular heart beat. there is more,but i won’t bore you with wonder boy’s antics. i must say his b=day is 9 25 49 could he have a close tie with leo. please offer me some ideas

  25. Denise

    I am completely that description of a Virgo except I am a messy Virgo – although I know exactly what is in my piles because I have a photographic memory. 🙂

    I am happiest when I’m caring for people, helping out people I love. But as stated, if I feel I’ve been taken advantage of and there is a point where I’m done, I AM DONE. I am very independent and my attention to the detail is astounding. I’ve also been referred to as a pit bull at work because I just dig into things until I know everything and get it all done.

  26. Kathie

    OMG – I am or was all the things you describe! I have been studying and reading books about astrology from age 14. I turned 60 on 9-7. I had my chart done and all my houses are in Virgo except for the Moon, it is in Scorpio per the reading I had done many years ago. The reader said I am quite unusual and he never had anyone with my atrology chart. Moon being the sex sign, make me middle of the road. He said Virgos are usually cold-heart unfeeling people. Well, that surely is not me. Yes, we are helpers, but we don’t like to be taken advantage of or unappreciated. I must say as I have grown older I am not the perfectionist I was pre 50 y/o. I scrubbed my floors with a tooth brush! I would bleach everything – hate germs. Very descrete about this, few notice as that is my intention. My husband and my family don’t believe in the signs. I DO! I will ask someone are you a Virgo and they will say how do you know that? I say because you are like me. I will say are you a Taurus or Scorpio and people are stunned. No one is 100% the same, but the majority of the signs have similar attitudes, mannerisms, temperments, etc. I dated a few Virgo men, nice, generous, but no thank you! Give me a Taurus/Gemni cusp man. They have there ways, but all in all the best suited to me. They say Pisces is a good match. Kind, soft-hearted, generous to a fault, thoughtful, appreciative, but they are constant whiners and hypocondriacs – they were not for me either! I dated many men, but I found my husband to be the best suited to me. I married at 39, first marriage and still married going on 21 years.

    They say there are more Virgos than any other sign…December is the beginning of the cold months in the Midwest. The Bless Virgin Mother Mary was born on September 8, Virgin – Virgo! Being a Catholic, makes me proud to be born a Virgo! Also, in my reading and research as a teen I decided to remove all negative traits. Virgos are known to be penny pinchers with everyone but themselves. I am over-generous. I am logical, fair, honest, I always tell the truth and I am hardest on myself. I critize myself. Someone will say I just love your hair style and I will say, I hate it! I am always being complimented on my clothing, my jewelry, my home, etc and I would always find something to say. Now I have learned to just say thank you! Took years to learn to do this. I now look back and realize I should not have been so hard on myself. When people would say, you are a pretty girl I would say no I am not, I might be cute! Now at 60, I have had more people tell me in the past year how pretty I was – I say WAS! They scramble for words and say you still are, but in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s you were gorgeous you had to know that. I say NO I DID NOT AND WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS AT 59 AND 60? My husband says you had to know this. I say I swear to God I did not. I never thought this in my whole life! So, I will close by saying, if someone is pretty tell them now, if you love them, tell them now as you may not have the chance tomorrow. Glad I am alive to hear this. I hope I don’t sound concieted it is just I am still stunned by peoples comments about me that they thought for years and are just now telling me.


  27. Katrina

    Dearest Samantha,

    You are so funny! Yes, you are so right. Nothing like a Virgo helper to get you jump started in the declutter arena. It can be so overwhelming and sometimes having a helper can mean on all the difference!!


    Dear Mabukay, Thank you for the lovely blessings. They mean so much in this day and time! So glad you enjoyed the blog. Love to see your chart to see where your fight and independence come from! Feel free to send birth data: day, month, year, time and place and let’s take a quick look.

    Many blessings to you and happy bleated birthday on September 3rd!~ Hope it was wonderful!


    I love love love the sounds of your closet! Color coordination is huge in my world and magnificently organized closets are huge!

    Here’s too organized closets! And all the gifts that Virgo bring to the table! We celebrate you, lovely Virgo! Have a happy!!

    Katrina x

  28. Katrina

    Happy Birthday dear sweet Virgos,

    Thanks for all the great scuttlebutt!

    I promise to write more in-depth tomorrow…..

    Look for me on the Home Page……(:

    Big hugs,

  29. Katrina

    Now Gina Rose,

    The question is does that Venus in Leo square that Saturn? How close are the degrees…..(;

    Our Venuses are Vanilla/Chocolate or Strawberry. So it’s either going to be in our Sun Sign or the one before or the one after….

    Understanding the Venus of your loved one in addition to their Sun Sign will give you all kinds of insights (and advantages) in how to appeal to what they truly need and how they truly give and receive love.

    That will tell a whole other story about that contributes to the Uranus on the Asc…….

    And the plot thickens!! You’re funny~!
    Lol. (;

    Thanks for getting back and confirming this!

    Warmest wishes,
    Katrina xo

  30. monette

    Really true. Great description of me in terms of attitude both in work and in habits.
    Very flexible attitude that’s Virgo.Fighter and independent!..

    God bless!


  31. Alisha

    I am a typical virgo. i love details. i love reading and learning, i’m a crazy note taker and yes everything would be stacked, labeled and sometimes even in alphabetical order, lol. Gina rose is so right about virgos wanting to help but not be used. i do love to help out but i much prefer to help people who NEED it, not just want it. I get told i can be cold but when someone gets passed the serious exterier, they realize there is nothing cold about me. that i am quite the opposite. i’m just forward, tell it like it is, have a super big heart, and just want you to be your best you can be. just as i want for myself. and yes, there are never enough hours in my day and sometimes (even though every single person i work with says i have too much energy, i’d love to have more to accomplish more, hehehehe. this article is right….we do try to be gods\godesses, hahahaha. oh yes, my rising sign is leo, therefore my attire iiiis a lil more showy then the average virgo. but i love it. my wardobe is my fun thing to do every morning in my colour quardinated and sized from smallest to biggest in length closet. :D. happy birthday to all fellow virgos. and to me tomorrow, lol.

  32. Katrina


    I am delighted you find this so validating! Great news!
    And happy Solar Return to you!

    Cheers and thanks for your nice comments!

    Tova, Your comments intrigue me…Yes sometime workaholic but I believe the other attributes would be due to other aspects in their respective charts.

    Care to send me their chart data: day, month, year, time and place and I’ll have a quick look!

    Warmest regards and thanks for weighing in!


  33. Katrina

    dear c + bunny…..

    glad we got you, c….you are a pure virgo! that’s clear!!

    bunny: if the sun sign does not seem to reflect the person’s character, there will be astrological explanation that will clear this up….

    why not send me both of your kid’s birth data: day, month, year, time and place and i’ll take a quick look and see what pops up.


    Happy Friday,


  34. Kiran

    Absolutely true!!!! There is nothing out here in this article that does not describe me. This is probably the first time I’m reading an article on Virgo that completely resonates with me.

  35. Katrina


    You sound like a lovely expression of very highly evolved Virgoness…..

    Happy almost birthday to you!

    Warmest wishes,

  36. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Katrina,

    Very good…..my Venus IS in Leo in house 1 direct……Saturn in Scorpio…..Uranus sitting on top of my Cancer rising…..don’t have my chart handy but you were correct about the Venus.

    Thank You by the way for the insightful article on Virgo….you know what I mean…..LOL

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext9500

    Sounds like your Virgo may have Venus in Leo, Gina Rose. (:

    Well said.

    Thank you!!!


  37. chloeChloe ext. 9421

    Thanks for the insights Katrina!

    As some of you may already know, I’m a triple Virgo! I love analyzing situations and getting to the heart of the matter.

    We’re not as difficult as we sound though. While we know exactly how we want things organized, we’re only picky about our own clutter…..which is usually labeled, stacked and dated. : )

    We rarely judge others. We know how we like things so we respect that you know how you things. To each his/her own!

    Love & Light!
    ~Chloe (ext.9421)

  38. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Yes, Virgos, some, but not all, do not like clutter……and yes, we have a eye for details….

    nobody reads a blue print better than a Virgo…..need something scanned or proof read ?…give it to a Virgo. It is true, that they can spot a minor flaw in a huge tapestry hanging on a wall from 50 ft away…LOL

    That being said we are not gophers …..we don’t mind coming to the rescue, but will not be taken for granted either ,….as Virgos are an extremely independent and very self-sufficient group. They prefer to ” give a hand UP, not a hand OUT “.

    This Virgo says ” there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish all that I want to “…….


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