Boost Your Sex Appeal

Women always ask me what they can do to get a guy’s attention. They think men are solely focused on physicality, which isn’t true. Nothing deflates my interest more than a girl who goes out of her way to get physical attention. Women who think that pounds of makeup, excessively revealing clothing and desperate ploys for attention will help them snag a man are getting it completely wrong. Girls like that, I leave to the meatheads.

Real allure comes from personality, and there are many ways a woman’s personality can be manifested physically to maximize sex appeal. Chances are you just need to accentuate something you’ve already got going. Here are seven turn-on tips:

1. Own Your Inner Nerd – Were you raised on Super Mario? Do you tear up when Gandalf fell off the bridge of Khazad-Dum? If you’ve got a nerdy side, own it. Most guys went through nerdy phases growing up when girls were too terrifying to talk to. Hearing an adult woman quote Han Solo will drive these men crazy.

2. Ride Your Bike – A girl on a bike tells a guy she’s tough, independent and isn’t afraid to bump shoulders with a car on her commute. I swear that any degree of attraction is multiplied by 10 if the girl is on a bike. Not to mention, it’s a lot more fun and easy to approach a girl on a bike than in her car.

3. Have a ‘Usual’ – When a girl won’t stop talking about how wasted she is after her two Cosmos, I get worried about what sort of turtle shell she needed those drinks to crawl out of. But a girl who can hold her liquor is a total turn-on. Classic drinks like a vodka martini, whisky straight, or a sidecar demonstrate a hidden sophistication that men will definitely want to get to know.

4. Read! – Intelligence is the sexiest thing of all, and nothing gets my attention like a girl buried in a novel. You don’t need to carry your copy of Lolita to the bar to make this happen. If a girl so much as tells me she spent an afternoon reading, I’m immediately drawn to her mind, which can be a much more erotic realm than the body.

5. Eye Contact – Hands-down the best way to manufacture sex appeal as a woman is to be sexually confident. The strongest physical manifestation of this is direct eye contact. Typically a male technique, whenever a girl’s used it on me, I’ve practically had to roll my tongue back into my mouth. It takes a bit of nerve to pull off, but when a girl I’ve just met throws me into a staring contest and won’t take her eyes away, she pretty much has me on a leash.

6. Get Your Grub On – All guys I know like a girl who can eat. It doesn’t have to be gluttonous or unhealthy, but there is something primitively satisfying in a seeing a girl enjoy eating. Conversely, going out with someone whose main dinner activity is pushing their salad around with a fork is a big turn-off.

7. Smile – This one sounds obvious, but it’s not. Smiling at someone you’re into is flirting 101. But smiling to yourself, laughing at something that’s in your head, or just looking glad to be alive is extremely enticing. When I walk into a crowded cafe or party, the first girl I notice is the one who’s smiling. Not only does it make you more easily approachable, but it’s a sign that you can put that smile on his face, too.

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