A Man Your Body Wants

Krista’s Question:

I met a man a year ago after breaking up with my boyfriend, who needed a place to stay for a few days. I let him and his girlfriend stay with me. At first I was just innocently trying to help them. But once they were in my home, I felt an immediate connection with this person. It was as if I knew him. Then it came to me – could he be the same man that I had once loved over fifteen years ago, who died tragically? He had the same name, and recognized the area that this man once lived and explored. He even had bad feelings every time a mutual friend of ours discussed a car accident that he acquired a severe head injury from. The other man died from a head trauma in a car accident.

I ended up sleeping with him, and during the act he even said the same thing that my deceased friend had said to me, which I had totally forgotten about. I freaked out, because I never intended to hurt his girlfriend (who I never did tell), and told him that they had to leave within a few days. I did tell him that I felt a deep connection to him, and wanted to develop a relationship with him, but that I would never be the other woman. He said he wanted to, but felt that he needed time to do the right thing. So did I. Could this be possible? I haven’t seen him since, and think about him every day. What do you think?

Psychic Liam ext. 9290’s Response:

Thank you for your interesting inquiry, Krista. Your tale is quite intriguing, though I’m sure the issue can be cleared up readily if we allow for just a little flexibility in perception. We have two factors in play here that are creating a scenario which seems eerie or peculiar, when in fact it is all attributable to the fundamental similarity between certain individuals and your own very natural desires and drives. Having said this, let me point out that very often the more we learn about how nature operates with all the spiritual trappings aside, the more mysterious and enchanting this universe actually becomes.

It has long been theorized by the great minds of physics that what we think of as “reality” is made up of computational information; formulas and data that act as a sort of quantum computer running a magnitude of mathematical programs. As human beings, we see ourselves as highly unique and individual, but we must never forget that nature loves patterns… especially successful ones… and will replicate them over and over. In this replication it is not at all uncommon to find uncanny similarities between one person and another without any seeming explanation. You can think of these replications as “types” or even mini-archetypes in the Jungian sense, and the parallels between them can often be disconcerting indeed. In your case, the fellow you invited into your home was the same “type” as the lover you lost fifteen years ago. But though they might well share some truly startling similarities, this man as an individual is no more your lost lover than I am. When you met him, you cued in on the fact that his program, his traits and mannerisms, closely resembled those of the other man, and this attracted you. It all happened on a subconscious level, and this is not at all uncommon. Think of the hoards of women out there who marry men who are “just like their fathers” and never seem to notice it.

I believe you wanted very much to find the similarities you discovered in this fellow. You were lonely and sexually frustrated, and this man appealed to you for many reasons. You like his “type”… The same “type” that belonged to the lover you once had. You invited him home with his girlfriend in tow because, whether you knew it or not, you desired him. You led him home planning to mate with him, but you refused to see the truth of your motives, because your morals told you they were questionable. So you began seeing things in him that would justify your desire. After you slept with him, it became even more important to justify your behavior to yourself. So, you found signs and omens of a “greater,” less predatory connection. Try hard enough and you can find omens in anything. In the end, the real problem was that your body wanted something your mind was opposed to, and the body won. You wanted to have sex with this man, so you did.

There is nothing wrong with seeking signs or wanting to blend the spirit and the flesh. But when you brandish the fairy wand of spiritual mandate over a situation without being very honest with yourself, you end up with nothing more than a fantasy full of hypocrisy and self-delusion. You wanted him, so you had him… He made you happy. He’s the type of program you prefer in a man… So, what’s stopping you? Your moral values haven’t cured your loneliness, and they will hardly ease the burn of desire. Yes, he has a girlfriend. But you invited him into your home with seduction already part of your agenda, so shed your delusions and go back to him. The other woman has already lost the game. If it’s not you he shares a bed with next, it will be another. And morals are no fun to cuddle up to on a cold winter night.

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