Beat Loneliness: Find a Date for New Year’s

Put a Plan into Action Now

If you’re tired of everyone else having fun on New Year’s Eve as you sit at home alone watching the Times Square ball fall, put a plan into action now. You’re not the only single person looking for a date. All you have to do is find out where the other single people are hanging out.

On the Computer

Online dating sites gear up for the holidays by running special discounts or features. They know that it’s the time of year when unhappily single people are most motivated to meet someone. So be bold and post a profile. Adventure into cyberspace to see who else is ready to start next year with a sweet kiss.

On the Phone

Get on the phone and call all of your friends who might know someone who knows someone else who is looking for a New Year’s date. It seems like every married couple has at least one single friend that they are more than happy to see get hitched too. A blind date with a friend of a friend might open your eyes to new possibilities for romance, beginning with the very first minute of the New Year.

“You know it is love when you love yourself just as much in the relationship as you love your partner.” – Lacy ext. 5494

On Your Block

Your New Year’s date could be living next door to you without you even realizing it. Many working people are off from work during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, so go take a walk in your neighborhood or at a local park. Smile at everyone you meet and start small talk with friendly folks. If you sit on a bench, be sure to sit on an end rather than in the middle, giving a subtle invitation for someone else to share the bench with you.

Need More Help?

If the clock is ticking down and your only potential New Year’s date is with your sofa and TV, call one of our psychics to find out where your Mr. or Miss Wonderful might be.

“If you want someone who is kind, honest, attentive, a good provider, then develop those things in yourself. Once you’ve done that you will be much less likely to settle for less of a mate than you deserve or stay in a poor relationship out of fear of being alone.” – Reed ext. 5105

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