Poll: Relationship Red Flags

Relationship red flags – they usually come early on, if not right away, in the romance of a new couple. Big warning signs that either scare us off early… or which we flagrantly ignore, because we’re too caught up in the rush that comes with a new infatuation.

We’ve all done it…

Which relationship red flag have you ignored?

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Relationship Red Flags

  1. scorpio

    What I found to be totally intolorable in my last relationship was not only talking about his ex constantly, but his need to inform me about every sexual relationship he had since the beginning of time, and every woman he looked at on a daily basis. Although we had a great sex life, I came to the conclusion he was not too sure about his own masculinity. That proved to be a bad trip for me.

  2. maryannex9146maryannex9146

    Krishna Bill,

    These are all excellent “red flag” choices. They are so good it’s hard to decide which one is the absolute worse. I’ll be interested to see which one is the winner and close the vote is.

    Ext. 9146


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