Astrology for Men: How Will I Know My Love?

Man Seeking Venus

A man’s Venus sign tells the secrets of his true desire and what he looks for in a mate. If you’re a man and wondering, “How will I know my love?” then you should definitely know your Venus sign. If you’re not sure what your Venus sign is, then asking a gifted astrologer will open up a world of wealth in the love department. The sooner you find your Venus sign, the quicker you’ll find the woman of your dreams.

Venus in Aries: You like a strong woman who can hold her own, but who also has a sexy, feminine side. At the very least you like a girl who challenges you at most every turn.

Venus in Taurus: You love a woman who is part angel. She can take on the world and do it all with a smile. She’s a full-time homemaker even if she runs her own business. Are you looking to get an insider’s view on astrology from a male perspective? Liam ext. 9290 can help! 

Venus in Gemini: Sexual siren meets rocket scientist may seem a stretch for some, but not for you. You don’t like a know-it-all, but you do love a sexy woman who does seem to know it all without being smug about it.

Venus in Cancer: Your ideal woman is seductive even when checking her homemade cookies in the oven. The only thing you desire more than her knowing how to turn you on, is knowing how to turn her on and being appreciated for it.

Venus in Leo: Your lover instills excitement and maybe even a little fear in you. Giving her what she wants is a turn-on for you. Alternatively, not giving her what she wants brings out her fiery side which ignites your desire even more.

Venus in Virgo: Your ideal woman is mystical and magical and very in tune with the elements. She’s a bit of mystery, her timing is impeccable, and you love being under her spell.

Venus in Libra: You love a woman who is comfortable on both sides of the scale. A skilled seductress on one side and your intellectual equal on the other, but graceful and elegant always.

Venus in Scorpio: You love a wild and almost wicked woman who oozes sensuality 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She’s the bad girl who wants to seduce you and she isn’t always polite about it.

Venus in Sagittarius: You desire a woman who knows what she wants and gets it. She’s confident and compassionate. Together, you make a thrill-seeking pair on a constant journey.

Venus in Capricorn: You prefer a mature woman full of confidence and courage over any ditzy, helpless maiden. She’s conservative outside and sexually seductive in private. Astrology can unlock the doors of your future. Get a male perspective on your stars with William ext. 5131.

Venus in Aquarius: You and your ideal mate thrive on excitement and a slight bit of tension. You love a woman who is a challenge, a constant surprise, and possibly a bit erratic.

Venus in Pisces: Your lover is an ethereal creature from another realm—magical and mysterious. You long to bond with her—not just physically or mentally, but psychically as well.

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13 thoughts on “Astrology for Men: How Will I Know My Love?

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  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi LJ…..Thank you for your response, I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    ” Venus in Leo: Your lover instills excitement and maybe even a little fear in you. Giving her what she wants is a turn-on for you. Alternatively, not giving her what she wants brings out her fiery side which ignites your desire even more.”

    ah-oh…..MY Venus is in Leo, in the 1st house…..LOL LOL, fiery side ??? little ol’ me ???? ( lol… as she laughs wickedly )

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. LJ

    Thanks Gina, I appreciate the comments since I know how taleted your are in this area. I think that my mission is to get the all the information contained in our charts and make them known to the average non-astrologer. There’s a lot of useful info in the charts, as you know – the trick is trying to relay the message in a way that’s not only interesting and informative but also not full of astro-speak – I battle with it constantly -but that’s what makes it so much fun! Love and Starlight, LJ

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  5. Kevin

    Dear David,

    I just ran a program which calculates 10 of the heavenly bodies and what signs they fall in. Your Venus is in Virgo. Hope this helps.

    Warm regards,


  6. goldie

    it may not always b true, but personally but have to say between my scorpio and sagitarius friends, man it is right on the money!! some folks say im not into “that stuff” dont have to b into it, i subscribed just out of curiosity and thats been years ago, and have to say jesus its like wow!

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thank You LJ, for this article….

    I get so tired of trying to explain to people that you cannot go just by Sun signs
    for compatibility…. astrology is EXTREMELY COMPLEX in design and nature.

    ……where astrology AND romance are concerned, you are right, the placements in the natal chart of the planets of Venus and the Moon have more to do with compatibility.

    I look forward to future atrology articles from you .

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. John Campbell

    Iget horoscopes daily but its not for men. Can you please straighten this out and make sure i gee the correct ones for men


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