Psychic Trinity: Helping You Make the Most of Your Reading

Your Reading is Like a Symphony

I sat down with Psychic Trinity ext. 5275 and got some insider tips on how to make the most of a psychic reading. Whether you’re a first-time caller or have been enjoying our advisor services for years, here are the tips you need to get one of the best readings of your life!

Call With a Question Prepared

Sure, you can get a general reading from any of our psychics, but I know you have at least one burning question you’re dying to get an answer to: Will he ever ask you out? Are you ever going to get that promotion? Is moving for love the best option for you right now? If you have a dream, desire or hope, don’t you want to know when (or even if) it’s ever going to come true? According to Trinity, “Calling with specific questions saves callers time and money. It also helps me give them pointed answers.”

I know I have been guilty of calling with no specific question in mind. When I had my first reading I wasn’t prepared with a specific question, so my psychic and I spent several minutes trying to figure out what I really wanted to talk about. Once we figured it out we covered a lot of ground in just a few minutes, and I finished the call with the answers I needed. Call Psychic Trinity and get the answers your need!

Don’t Call in a Panic

If your emotions are all over the place, you may be hard to read. Let’s say you just found out your boyfriend is having an affair. You’re an emotional wreck. You hate him, yet you still have feelings for him. Should you move out? Should you kick him out? You feel so many conflicting emotions that you almost don’t know how you feel. Your energy and vibrations are all askew and these are the very things your psychic reads during your call. This may not be the perfect time to call your psychic. Trinity says, “If your energy is wrong and conflicted, it makes it hard for me to tap into you appropriately. I recommend callers try to be relaxed, even if they are frightened. I ask them to take deep breaths and force the air out between their lips as if they were blowing into a straw. They do this a few times and it takes their stress level down about 10 notches.” This activity makes a real difference when it comes to readings and can even prevent conflicting messages from coming through. Also, if you’re calm you’ll have a better chance of hearing and remembering what your psychic tells you. Even if you aren’t particularly stressed when you call one of our advisors, it’s probably a good idea to take a few deep breaths and slowly release them before you connect with your psychic.

Be Prepared for the Truth

Don’t call our psychics with expectations that all they have to share with you is sunshine and roses. Is life really all sunshine and roses? Our psychics don’t tell you what they think you want to hear. They tell the truth because that’s what they see when they’ve made a good connection. The question is, can you handle the truth? Are you prepared to hear that your ex-husband will never apologize to you for cheating on you? Are you sure you want to hear that you will continue to be unemployed for another six months? Are you ready to accept the fact that your friend with benefits isn’t your soul mate? Psychics are not always the bearers of good news, but they are the bearers of truth. Psychic Trinity says, “You may not like what I have to say, but at least it will be accurate.” Truth is why people call our psychics in the first place. Your friends aren’t necessarily going to be truthful because they don’t want to hurt your feelings or risk losing your friendship. You family may very well judge you. You don’t have to worry about these things with your psychic. You’re calling for non-judgmental honesty, and that’s just what you’ll get, so be prepared to hear it. What truths are waiting to reveal themselves to you? Find out, with the help of Psychic Trinity ext. 5275.

Remember, Your Reading is Like a Symphony

You have an active role to play in your successful reading. It’s like a symphony, where you are the first chair musician and your psychic is the conductor. Trinity says, “A reading is like a symphony. In order for it to sound good, everyone needs to be in their place and play their role. The caller is the musician and the psychic is the conductor. I will do my best to conduct the symphony for them, but I need them to read their music, play their part, and focus on themselves. This way, I can be accurate, we can be on the same page and conflicting readings can be avoided.” As in life, it’s best to take an active role in your psychic reading.

I want you to review these tips before you schedule your next psychic reading, and let us know if they worked for you!

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