Arnold Talks About His Infidelity

Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains His Cheating on Maria Shriver

After a few years of embarrassed reaction, Arnold Schwarzenegger is discussing his publicly-revealed infidelity with Maria Shriver. His multi-year affair with a woman he had a child with that he managed to keep secret led to the downfall of the actor and governor’s marriage when it became public knowledge. Apparently Shriver is not particularly pleased that he gave the public interview, either.

Via the Examiner:

When Maria Shriver, a Kennedy, married Arnold Schwarzenegger, their relationship was both romantically and politically charged. Despite the fact that he apparently misses the mother of his children — who urged forgiveness for his infidelity — it seems that neither he nor CBS made an effort to have her included in the “60 Minutes” interview to tell her side of the story. “The Terminator’s” interview, with Lesley Stahl kissing up to him, shut out Shriver. CBS reported that he shared “a wealth of new information about his life, as detailed in his autobiography, ‘Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.'” In fact, on the September 30, 2012 program, he even revealed that he had a hot affair with Brigitte Nielsen. It seems the affair took place while he was dating Shriver.

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“Get this … 60 Minutes did its interview withArnold Schwarzenegger without ever contactingMaria Shriver — to get her take on the things he said in his autobiography … and she’s not happy about it…

Schwarzenegger also fathered a love child. On the news program he said it was “the stupidest” thing he ever did.

What do you think—should Arnold be forgiven?

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2 thoughts on “Arnold Talks About His Infidelity

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    arnold for president –
    another actor in office. forgive forget move forward.
    maria might be upset about the interview, but it was his interview about his book.
    and his love child looks just like him.
    oh the drama!


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