Transform Your Love Life in 31 Days

Flirt and Fall in Love All Over Again

This month try these 31 ideas to help transform your love life. Try one a day and see where you end up at the end of October! Who knows? Perhaps you’ll discover something new about yourself and your partner this month.

1. Unpredictability. Whatever routine you may have fallen into, surprise your partner with the unexpected.

2. Ace the Attitude. Appreciating yourself and your lover opens you up to all sorts of new adventures.

3. The Little Things. Throughout the day, send a text, an email, or some little message that says you’re thinking of your partner in a sexy way.

4. Prioritize. You’ve got to put in time and effort into revving up your sexual side. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

5. Study Time. Figure out what bedroom activities really please you and your partner.

6. Location, Location, Location. Changing up the places you get freaky adds a playful element to the sex game.

7. Work it Out. Embracing and loving your body exudes all sort of confidence in and out of the bedroom.

8. Flirty McPherson. Flirting is the best type of foreplay, and the build-up will only make things hotter when you get each other alone.

9. Something New. Reinventing a part of yourself is a great way to shake up any sexual stagnant energy—new clothes, haircut, makeup—it’s all good!

10. Fantasies R Us. Try out those little sexy fantasies you both have been ignoring.

11. Honesty. Let your partner know what they’re doing, right and wrong. It’s your fault if you don’t let them know!

12. Position Exchange. Just because you’ve found what works doesn’t mean you can’t still try new things.

13. You Tease! Building up to the actual act heightens sexual pleasure, so don’t hesitate to make him whimper a little bit!

14. Highs and Lows. No one can be sexually on all of the time, so accept the ebb and flow of things and don’t let a lackluster day spoil the next!

15. Quality Time Outside the Bedroom. Bonding outside of sex will bring an additional layer of intimacy to your relationship.

16. Let Go. Inhibitions only get in the way of your sexual pleasure.

17. Comparison Catastrophe. Enjoy the unique magic you two have together instead of constantly comparing past lovers and experiences.

18. Absence Makes The Heart… Spending every waking moment together can easily make things stagnant and unhealthy!

19. Truth or Dare. Playful games always add a flirty element to the bedroom.

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20. Environmental Stimuli. Adding music, candles and so on can add an erotic oomph to any sexual experience.

21. Anti-Environmental Stimuli. On the flip side, eliminating outside distractions allows you both to focus and experience one another to the fullest.

22. Baggage in the Bedroom. Any unsettled issues between you two should always be addressed—not dragged into your bed!

23. Tackle Turn-Offs. Make sure you and your lover feel like you can, tactfully, share any turn-offs you have regarding one another.

24. Trying Too Hard. Recognize when you may be forcing yourself to be sexy. Natural sexuality is so much more attractive.

25. Social Studies. Get out there to expose yourself to new energies and ideas which you can bring back to your lover.

26. No Power Plays. Using sex as a form of manipulation ends up in resentment and lack of respect.

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27. Seduce One Another. It’ll remind you of what is was like to be in that wooing phase.

28. Power of The Kiss. No matter the time of day or circumstances, never forget how sexy a powerful kiss can be.

29. The Power of Now. Appreciate the moment with one another instead of bringing past and future pressures into the mix.

30. Be Silly Together. Laughter and engaging a childlike-essence opens each of you up to a playfulness that’s necessary for keeping sexual energy alive.

31. The Power of Touch. Focusing on touch and sensation will add a heightened sexual element to every move you make.

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