Are You Meant to Be Together?

What the Stars Hold for Star-Crossed Lovers

While the fate-o-meter may seem to have all the say in our relationship destinies, there are some key signs to look out for that will predict your future in love: either lead you down the path to marriage or an eventual break up.

When the Going Gets Tough

Relationships can be pretty easy when everything is going well between the two of you, but when major challenges arise, how well do you two work together to overcome them? If you two have weathered many storms together and have come out stronger than when you started, you know you’ve got a good thing going.

Always Willing to Compromise

Combining two lives means adjustment and concessions. When the love is strong and the connection is right, anything is solvable as long as the balance of give and take is healthy.

You Bring Out the Best in One Another

There’s a reason why this phrase is used in so many romance stories. Indeed, there will be people throughout your life who will challenge you to be the best you can be, who believe in you, perhaps even more than you believe in yourself. If you can find this quality in your significant other, you’ve taken a huge step closer to your match made in heaven. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Ultimate Trust

Hard to win, easy to lose, as the saying goes. To give your heart fully to someone, absolute trust must be firmly in place. If you two can trust one another implicitly, no matter how delicate the situation, feeling, or insecurity, you have the foundation for an amazing partnership.

“Real trust takes real time.” – Reed ext. 5105

Comfortable In Being Yourselves

Just as life might require you to wear many hats throughout the day, it’s imperative that you are able to come home to a partner with whom you can completely be yourself. To establish that level of trust and comfort with one another is an eloquent sign that you have chosen your partner well.

Annoying Habits are Cute

Everyone has their own personal quirks, some of which can easily rub another the wrong way at times. When your partner finds those idiosyncrasies adorable instead of annoying, you’ve got a keeper for sure!

“Is there such a thing as true love? Yes there is!” – Marin ext. 5113

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11 thoughts on “Are You Meant to Be Together?

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  2. biigwa

    in relationships,you will never move on the same level.There should always be a superior.And relationships are like fluids,they make their own level

  3. Don Daniels

    please am looking for a TRUE LOVE someone I can trust,cherished, adore I her to be my baby so lonely

  4. Brenda

    There is no PERFECT relationship, NO MATTER WHAT and to believe that there is, is setting you up for failure. No, I do not ULTIMATELY TRUST my partner in everything. No, I don’t always like his quirks, especially when they cause little irritants in our busy life. No, we can’t always pull it together in times of crises. It ebbs and flows…and it can be different on any given day. It’s a 3 legged race WITH ANYONE…no true soulmate. Don’t be deluded and expect tinkerbell to sprinkle sparkle dust over the alligators to make them disappear, when all you want to do is bite the alligators head off.

  5. Wendy

    Had my good times and bad times. I think we all in our minds think that we’re giving a lot from our part, but our partner might feel the same. It’s just different views and that’s what makes it tough, when you can’t admit you’ve madea mistake.

  6. Marc from the UK

    Yep, been there when the times were great it seemed perfect! when the times got tough, the balance was unequal and too much giving on my part nearly destroyed my soul! I know now to say “Thanks for the times, but I have a right to preserve my spirit and happiness” without demanding someone give up their personality or habits, I simply accept people are unique and different, we have no right to think they are always wrong as much as we are always righ!!!……….. Makes sense? I think so lol lol

  7. bella

    ok & thank you & GOOD 2 know … quinn said my ‘ TRUE LOVE ‘ is coming UP or AROUND then bend , ++ sooner than expected it 2 … the vibe is on a ” M ” , NAME which is a pleasant change up 4 me , BUT i should of asked her what sign he was though lol lol , because i run from ALL fire / “air ” signs like a bat coming out of hell !! haha , lol lol …

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Yes, it’s easy to stay together during the good times……but more important to pull together as a team when the going gets rough. That’s the REAL test.


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