Are You In Love or Is it Infatuation?

True Love or Not.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where you are in a relationship. It can be difficult to know just how much your partner is in love with you or if the relationship is about to hit a dead end. Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 provides detailed insights on how to tell the difference between true love and infatuation.

A psychic can help not only take a closer look at your current relationship, but they can also peer into the past to see patterns that can provide indicators to the future. In addition, psychics can also see where the relationship is headed, what to look for and provide guidance on how to work through situations.

For me, psychics have always been a way to help clear my head when I’m not seeing the reality of my relationship—those times when I’m so upset or so in love that I can’t see the signals he’s sending me or even hear what he’s saying. There were psychics that have either broken the news to me gently or ripped the band-aid of reality off so that I can really understand what’s going on. For that I’m grateful. How many times have you looked back after the relationship is over and seen it for what it was, not what you wanted it to be?

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16 thoughts on “Are You In Love or Is it Infatuation?

  1. evangeline

    i hav noticed an all too familiar pattern w/ my relationships. drawing th attention to self i feel like attract men who are somewat like tht syndrome but not so extreme. in o/words ther som hope but am not sure i want the “half stepping” to be complete bcuz wen it starts to go better(b it w/ help o ovr time) its me who gets thz fear & then am th one pushing him back 2 th way he was n the first place!! i kno alot is cuz of my own upbringing (ie. interaccial marriage, verbal/phys. abuse & even homocide! How can i recover or will i? an 37…..any advice b4 is too late?..?

  2. sibyl

    Please check out “Prince Harming Syndrome” book about Narcissistic men. This is about people with no empathy and that will their entire lives manipulate, use, and blame others for everything. They have no empathy or conscious and can make you feel like “it’s all your fault.” They will isolate you, verbally and mentally abuse you for years. Run and get professional help. please check these sources out.

  3. sibyl

    Sounds like a lot of women left comments about men that are Narcissists and there love only goes one way and that is to them! They will never be able to love anyone including themselves because they were born with no “Empathy” the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, which without empathy there is no true love with anyone and they will never change as it is a dysfunction they are born with and also they will never admit they are wrong and will constantly through verbal and emotional manipulation and abuse manipulate people and situations (even professional therapists, clergymen, etc) that it is the other person; most likely these people are also pathological liars! How do I know, I was married to an extremely intelligent Narcissistic Sociopath and no one believed me until 26 years later after I almost died. So please check out this book, called “Prince Harming Syndrome” . Both of these tools will open your eyes to these types of people be it male or female which can be friends, family, husbands, even your own children. Unfortunately, society and how it is is the laboratory for breeding this illness. Look at the people that get off for killing their children or husbands, or whatever. Also read about people with Borderline Personality Disorder. Alot of the “lack of empathy” and severe self-centeredness is this problem as well. And there is also simply evil in the world. I mean I was in a coma and a family member stole all of my money and tried to give away my property, and I had a will and young children; also when I recovered another family member I entrusted to help me out stole some of my money as well! So be careful out there, and don’t be afraid to walk away from anyone! Anyone! Yes, there are good people, but good people are caught in their radar to take advantage of.

    You alone talk to a professional and read up alot on all of those topics, and also women check out the sources I provided, “Prince Harming Syndrome.” Remember that a sociopath or psychopath does not have to be some mass murderer like you see on TV; he can be someone that constantly tortures you and controls you through emotional and mental abuse and will eventually isolate you with their behavior to further be able to continue their control. The worst abuse is mental and emotional and not always physical. And they will isolate you away from family and friends and usually they don’t have any friends and maybe some family around that are just like them and that will support their behavior towards you. This runs in families! Bless you all and don’t be afraid to walk away and get professional help. It took me 26 years but I am finally free, just trying to clean up the scars with my children now.

  4. Michellw

    I love my husband but he doesn’t show any back be a seen a phyic a she said it will be over in 6 months did tell me why ? How do you stop loving if it’s all one way x

  5. Belle

    There is a man in my life now. Life can be so good with him. We were married
    for only a year. Then he divoriced me. I find that he is very critical of much
    that I do.
    The problem about getting back with him on a regular daily life is he
    feels he does nothing wrong..
    I feel at times I should just stop seeing the man.
    As he should seek help from a professional but that he
    did for a short time alone and he found it to be wrong.
    He has no friends… Only family .

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  8. francis

    Hi im at the end of a relationship. Im so confused and hurt. I had deep feelings for this individual and believed I loved them till I felt constantly criticized and scrutinized. Am I imagining this feeling? I dont feel happy or calm. Mostly I feel alarmed and I shouldnt especially if you care. I dont feel they return a healthy wholesome love in return. Can u shed some light upon my feelings please.

  9. cindy

    My marriage is over ! He was physically and mentally abusive and I could say,I’m not perfect I have 4daughters an I think they should not see all that we try everything therapy,marriage council.I hope I can fall in love again I’m just wanted to focus on my goals .

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  13. Jacqueline

    Amelia you have such a loving kind spirit, you truly have wisdom in your advice.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice job, Amelia.

    Sometimes, not always though,….. we can want so badly, and feel so deeply, for another that it blinds our better judgement……thus the saying ” Love is blind “.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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