8 Truths About Love

Love and Modern Relationships are Changing Rapidly!

When we think of love, we tend to fall into thoughts of fantasy, dreams and hopes of what we wish love to be. The sooner we realize what love is truly about, the sooner we will be able to recognize it and understand its truths. Love should be easy, but it just isn’t. It is the single most beautiful emotion in the world, and it is what keeps our world together at times when all else falls apart. Love can be shown in a variety of ways and can be witnessed through an array of experiences.

What is the truth about love? What does it look like? What made your parents’ or your grandparents’ love last? How can you avoid a dreaded divorce when the odds of it happening are so high? The more we know about love and all its ups and downs, the more we will know and recognize a genuine loving relationship and its capability of growing into a strong, long-lasting one.

Let’s face it, the world is changing, and modern relationships aren’t the way they used to be. There is more to a relationship than just conforming to what we think is right—i.e. dating, living together, marriage, having kids and retirement. If you want to know what makes a modern loving relationship work nowadays, check out these essential relationship characteristics that are needed for a genuine love to stay strong and last.

Mutual Attraction and Chemistry

This is truly what keeps a couple together. Mutual chemistry is so important for a relationship to stay strong, and it cannot be one-sided. Chemistry isn’t just about lust and looks—it’s when two people adore everything about each other, from intelligence and creativity to odd, annoying quirks and a beautiful smile that lights up a room. You can see it in couples who have it as it practically radiates when two people are connected on the same level of chemistry.

Partnership Equality

When both parties in the relationship make an effort to keep the relationship strong, this provides an equal base. When the respect for each other is mutual, a feeling of equality is present. This allows for a long-lasting relationship, as respect is an extremely important factor. If you lose respect for your partner, you could be on a downhill slope towards severe relationship problems. Learn to respect different aspects about each other, whether it is the way one of you takes time to clean the house and cares for elderly relatives or how another has an amazing work ethic or is a great parent.

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You Both Have a Purpose

When both people in a relationship wake up with purpose every single day, they have an overall fulfilled feeling. This can keep your relationship unique and exciting as you each make attempts to follow your own purpose. This could be through a new job venture, raising children, starting your own business or making a new investment. When you are both proud of something you do every day, you will both feel satisfied and content with your productivity. When couples begin to lose their purpose or motivation for daily challenges and achievements, through work or life, they may pull away from each other, leading to problems.

The Art of Listening

Listening is one of the key qualities of a long-lasting relationship. If you don’t give your partner the time of day and do not sit down and listen to what they have to say, then how can your relationship be nurtured and grow? Couples that have solid relationships listen to each other and value what each other has to say.

Self-Love, Self-Worth and Confidence

It is important that within each solid relationship there is a level of self-worth on both sides. It is important that each individual in the relationship feels confident and proud of who they are. While your partner is there is boost you up when you feel down and out, you need to have your own level of confidence and self-appreciation. When both parties can bring confidence and self-worth to the table, this can create a strong base for a long-term relationship.

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Communication is Powerful

It has been said over and over again that communication is needed for a relationship to blossom and to continue growing. Both people within the relationship need to make an effort to talk, share and give to one another in the form of communication.

Unconditional Love

Couples that last long and hold up a solid relationship are couples that love each other unconditionally. No one has to change or become a totally different person and each person within the couple loves the other for all that they are right now. While it is wonderful when couples work towards goals together and want to improve, strong love starts from accepting one another from the get-go.

Compassion for Each Other

Kindness, sympathy and caring is extremely important within a relationship. A couple that is in love and that truly has long-lasting love potential is a couple that cares for each other, even through the toughest of times.

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