6 Relationship Sins Not to Commit

There Are Some Places You Just Shouldn’t Go

Yes, believe it or not, there are things you should never do in a relationship. Relationships can be tricky, but there are specific guidelines and boundaries that should not be crossed. Respect your partner, learn how to communicate effectively and never ever commit the following five relationship sins that you are about to read.

1. Brutal Honesty

Even though we value our lover’s personal opinion, there are some comments that are better left unsaid. Men try to maintain their honest opinion early in the relationship to avoid drama or conflict. So, when you ask if you look fat in your new pants or dress, chances are he has an automatic “of course not honey” ready for response. It’s just like how many woman have an automatic “it’s not the size that counts” or “yes, honey, you are so big” comment just waiting to be launched if a man asks about his nether region.

2. Toilet Seat Wars

There are some rules that apply when it comes to leaving the toilet seat up or down. One common complaint in relationships and with couples who are living together for the first time is what to do with the toilet seat. While many of us know that it is common living etiquette to leave the toilet seat down, men tend to forget this. Come on gents; make the bathroom look inviting and clean. Put the toilet seat down!

3. Facebook Mush

OK, everyone knows you’re happy with your partner, but do you really have to post it to your Facebook wall over and over again? While some expression is wonderful and show’s how much you care, your partner may be more private when it comes to PDE’s. (Public display of emotions) Limit the amount of lovey dovey notes you post on your guy’s wall because he may want to keep his cool and collected reputation intact.

4. Family Sharing

While it is fantastic if you get along with your partner’s parents and siblings, make sure you keep some boundaries when it comes to sharing intimate stories. Your partner may share specific details with you that he doesn’t want his own folks to know, such as how much debt he is in or the time he lost his virginity. Keep perspective when chit chatting with his or her family members and do not share everything that pops into your mind.

5. Private! KEEP OUT!

It is a good idea to respect your partner. Keep out of their personal files, phone messages, texts, journal, computer files and anything that looks like it’s been put out of sight. If you are looking through your partners private files, stop before you get busted. There should be room for respect and trust to grow in the relationship. How can you achieve this if you are snooping around? Get your nose out of their journal and keep out!

6. What’s Your Number?

Try your best to avoid asking your partner about how many people they’ve slept with. The “number” is the number of people your partner had slept with before you. While you may be extremely curious and desperate to know how sexually active your partner was back in the day, this is never a good conversation to have with your partner. It almost always ends up unleashing the green eyed monster!

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5 thoughts on “6 Relationship Sins Not to Commit

  1. Q....

    I’m in love with a Pices. Or at least I believed I was. It’s been over 2 years and we have been together as much as we have broken up. Both of us being overly sensative on my part and
    He being overly reactive and I’m told a Narsacist?
    It’s painfully difficult for me to be withiout him. Sometimes just as painful to be with him at times
    With his temper and his every needing urge to fix or change me.
    Instead of just loving me faults and all as I do him. If I contact him or go to him on a break up
    The process of our getting back is prolonged even longer. He can be very punishing and in an ever ending quest to analyze me or form me to his liking.
    Why do I continue ….or will I this time? Because the love I feel… And which I think he feels???
    Unless he is infact a Narsacist is like no other love I have ever felt.
    Why does he insist on finding fault with me? Why does he say he is in love with me if he can stay away? Why have I not until now just drawn the line through his name? Or has he finally done that with mine? I am told he is afraid of being hurt by me? Yes I have made mistakes.
    Although his have been far more detrimental? Name calling a small amount of physically abused
    Has been quite close.
    He does not like his Mom…. And has little trust for woman.
    We can have so much fun…. He needs lists of attention which I don’t mind.
    The way we feel towards each other comes out in intamacy. We can spend an hour just kissing.
    As time has gone on it’s become closer and closer rather than passion was only early on.
    Yet he I believe is a punisher? I don’t know why or how if we will gp back? Or if he still loves me?
    I can’t imagine loving someone more? Is it time for me to let go? Or will he ever say I can’t live without you? I hurt and can not get close to anyone else? When will I be sure and strong enough to say No more? This is extremely Private coming from deep hurt in my heart.

  2. Andrea

    I agree with everything except #6. You do not need to know an exact number but in today’s world of HIV, herpes and hepatitis, it is critical to know your partner’s sexual history – including whether or not they practice safe sex. When you have sex with someone, you’re basically having sex with everyone they’ve had sex with. But this must be done from a mature & responsible perspective.

  3. Andras

    I have made some of these mistakes already. Thank you for the info on these mistakes we shouldn’t make in relationships.


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