6 Reasons He Hasn’t Asked You to Marry Him Yet

He Hasn't Asked You to Marry Him Yet

Will He Ever Pop the Question?

With wedding season in full swing, and still without a ring on your finger, you may be wondering what’s taking your partner so long to get down on bended knee and pop the question. You’ve watched friend after friend tie the knot, so when is it going to be your turn?

Every couple—and relationship, for that matter—is different, but there are some fairly common reasons why a man might drag his feet when it comes to proposing marriage. You know your situation best, of course, but it’s worth taking a look at the following six explanations to determine if any of them could clarify why you’re not yet engaged.

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1. He’s Waiting for You to Bring It Up
Getting married is a joint decision and your guy may be expecting you to broach the subject first. (Particularly since many men expect women to have marriage and weddings on the brain.) He may think that since you haven’t brought it up yet, getting hitched just isn’t on your radar. If that’s not the case, and you’re hoping to get married, it’s worth checking in with your significant other about what marriage means to both of you and in the context of your relationship. You may be surprised to hear that he’s had getting engaged on the brain for a while or that he has some serious reservations that stem from his parents’ marriage. Whatever the conversation brings to light, it’s sure to be enlightening for you both.

2. He’s Planning to Ask Your Parents First
Whatever your feelings may be on the tradition of asking a woman’s parents, particularly her father, for her hand in marriage, some guys are really set on doing this before proposing. (Yes, even the ones who seem super liberal and progressive.) If your parents don’t live close to you two, he may be waiting for the next family gathering to take them aside and get their permission before officially asking you.

3. He’s Focusing on His Financial Stability
Many men take pride in their ability to provide—for themselves and for their future families. Your partner may be saving up for your ring, which can take some time depending on how many carats he’s planning to buy. Or he might want to achieve other money goals before he makes a huge commitment to you. Perhaps he wants to pay off his student loan debt or save enough cash for a down payment on a home before he asks you to marry him.

4. He Wants to Pick a Special Time
If you have a big milestone coming up, like an anniversary or a major vacation planned, your partner may be waiting to pop the question at that time in order to make the moment even more special. He may also be considering other commitments and obligations you two have: Maybe he wants to wait until you’ve both finished school, or after you attend a slew of summer weddings, or after his niece’s first birthday party, so that you can celebrate your engagement without having to share the spotlight with other events.

5. He Thinks You Need to Date Longer First
In some cases, your guy may just need more time. It could be that he has an arbitrary number of years he thinks you should be together before he asks you to marry him or that he’s simply just not ready to take the next step yet. It’s better to wait until you’re both in the right frame of mind to marry instead of one or both people feeling pressured into engagement.

6. He’s Never Going to Ask You
Of course, this is the reason no one wants to hear, but it can for sure be the right explanation for why your ring finger remains void of bling. Some men don’t believe in marriage, some need to be with the right person (who may not be you, sadly) in order to feel the urge to propose, and some are just happy being in a committed relationship without making things official.

Naturally, you won’t know until you ask, which is why it’s important to state your relationship goals and needs and to ask your partner to honestly do the same. It’s truly the only way to know for sure if you’re on the same page … or not.

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