5 Reasons Your Partner is Emotionally Distant

Your Partner is Emotionally Distant

Is It You or is It Them?

Is your partner being a little short on conversation and a little long on silence? Have you noticed that their gentle caresses have turned into the cold shoulder lately? What you have here is an emotionally distant partner. But why are they acting this way? Here are five possible reasons.

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1. They’re Emotionally Spent … on Someone Else
When a partner cheats, their behavior towards their significant other changes in one of two ways: Sometimes, they feel so guilty they become overly kind, compassionate and affectionate. Other times, they become emotionally distant because they are investing all their emotion into the person they’re seeing on the side. Could they be cheating on you?

2. They’re Suffocated by Your Love
There’s such a thing as loving someone too much, and if you feel like you’ve given every ounce of your love to your significant other, that could mean you’ve given them so much that they’re pulling away. And for some people, an emotionally distant partner inspires them to give even more love and overwhelm them even more. If you partner feels overwhelmed and suffocated by your love, they will pull away so as not to further encourage you.

3. They’re Stressed
We all handle stress differently, and some of us turn inward when we’re under pressure, preferring that to the comfort our partners could provide. When a partner sees this, they get offended because they feel like they’re being punished. They may also feel like whatever is stressing out their partner is more important than they are. But it could all be because of an inability to handle stress properly.

4. They Don’t Feel Important
People who’ve been in relationships for a long time may have a false sense of stability. They may think that if things are good now, they will be just as good in a decade. The truth is that relationships are fragile things that must be constantly nurtured. If they aren’t and if a partner is feeling unloved, ignored and unimportant, they may become emotionally distant as a means of preparing for a time when they and their partner are no longer together. Starting to pull away makes the blow of a future breakup less intense.

5. They’re Giving You the Silent Treatment
If you’re partner is mad at you, they may be emotionally distant as a means of giving you the silent treatment. Saying nothing can be the worst punishment of all because you are left to wonder what you did and why they’re angry. Giving the silent treatment is also a way of avoiding confrontation. After all, if you don’t have anything nice to say, why say anything at all? But silence is never the answer. You both deserve better than that.

So what should you do if your partner is being emotionally distant? You should confront them in a calm and loving way. Something could be really wrong with them or your relationship. Or, you could be feeling overly needy. Either way, it’s best to talk things through to preserve your love bond and move it forward. And if you don’t know how to begin the conversation, reach out to one of our love psychics for help!

10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Your Partner is Emotionally Distant

  1. Sharon Robinett

    Your article really hit home with me but im the silent one. Ive never been able to express my emotions and i just claim up. I need desperate help. Ive been married almost 21 years and we didnt make love not even on our married night and maybe a good 15 times. Since marriage. i am greating older and i need him to make me feel like im attractive and needed. We never fight. Its just this. Ive tried talking to him lately but we end up arquing. I just dont unederstand whats wrong. Im not stupid i know all men need love and sex and i wouldnt sayy. Im ugly. I use to be a model. This has been hurting me so bad i cant stand it. He has no reaon for it. Please write me back or write a story about. I feel like i an the only girl with this ptoblem. I have never cried so much.

  2. Shelly ALGIEN

    Men lie, cheat, ignore, unloving, better to be by yourself, go visit, pick one person who will never know you nor will you know them, see them occasionally.

  3. Sandra

    There is distance now right after telling me that he loves me! Then a couple of days later he says but not In Love. Since then it’s been strange!!??…..

  4. Melissa, California Psychic Ext. 6418

    Great article! Another reason for emotional distance may be that they *do* have deep emotions, but process them differently than you. I see this a lot with some callers– some people feel emotions deeply, but do not know how to express them in a way that we expect. Sometimes people believe that their actions, or how they show love and commitment, should carry more weight than words–being there through tough times, working hard at a a job they don’t love to provide and so on. These sorts often think, “Anyone can spin a line, I will *show* them how I feel.

    I often suggest my callers learn the “language” of love that their partner is speaking, that maybe they just aren’t hearing. That’s a great place to start with improving not only communication in a relationship, but strengthening the emotional bond.

  5. Lila

    I want to know did I make t he right choice of telling Elmer to leave.i was feeling really distance from him.and also if Mike is the person I am to be with or if it’s someone else.

  6. behi

    Dear friends
    I really thank you for the horoscopes which you send me every day, recently i have engaged in a new relationship with mysterous happening.
    My friend first expressed heartly his feeling toward me and i thouth he wants me for marrage. Then once i was invited to his home, told me that you can have your own flat so that we can have our relationship easily.
    I really love hime and want to get marrage with hime but it seems he has changed his mind.
    Ofcourse he has wife and to childern whom dosent live with him and he has seoearated from hiscwife. He himeselftold me that i really dont wand to live with her.
    What you predict for me and why i feel he is dictancing from me after too many love expresstions and kindness.
    Thank you ih advance and waithing you eagerly for your suggestions

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well, I’ve been giving professional psychic readings for over 50 years now, and I would say that # 2 dominates as the reason why most pull back.

    When you love AND respect some one , you also NEED to respect their space too.

    Over whelming and crowding a person just screams to them ( especially to most men ), that you are a needy, clingy, and insecure individual. Learn hot to love yourself first….stay in your power, retain your dignity and self respect, WALK in your power , and they may not need to run away to find their own space.

    Great article, Eric !!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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