6 Questions to Ask Your New Partner About Sex

Ask Your New Partner About Sex

A Open, Honest Discussion

I think most of us can agree that sex is an important part of a romantic relationship. If it’s great, it strengthens the bond between two people. If it’s terrible, it chips away at the bond between two people. If you and your partner have been together for a while, you probably already know how to please each other. But what if your relationship is new and you’re thinking about taking it to a physical place?

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Determine Compatibility First

When a relationship is new, it can be hard to tell if you and your partner are compatible. Most people just have sex a few times and find out. But wouldn’t it be great if you could determine sexual compatibility before you have sex? It sure would save you a lot of time and emotion if you knew this person was a match or not from the beginning! Ask your partner these six questions—and answer them yourself. Know that there are no right or wrong answers here. It’s all about compatibility.

1. Is Sex a Priority for You?

Although sex is an important part of romantic relationships, for some people it’s actually not that important. True, it’s not the only form of intimacy shared between people, and some people may have physical or emotional limitations that keep them from having sex. It’s important to know this upfront, if sex is a priority for you.

2. How Often Do You Like to Have Sex?

Some people are satisfied with sex a few times a week, while others require it daily. Still, there are others who are perfectly fine having sex once a month. Sure, desire can change over time, and life gets in the way. But as long as you both feel satisfied, it doesn’t matter how often you have sex as long as you are getting what you need from each experience.

3. What Turns You On?

This questions makes people uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t. If your partner is asking, it’s because your pleasure is important to them. They aren’t mind readers, so don’t leave them in the dark. You  know what you like, so be honest and share it, no matter how taboo or weird you think it is. Your relationship is a safe place, and you shouldn’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not just to be in a relationship.

4. Is There Anything You’ve Tried That You Don’t Like?

It’s good to experiment. That’s how you find out what you like—and don’t like. If you’ve tried something in the past and didn’t like it, chances are you don’t want to try it again. Tell your partner about the experience and what you didn’t like about it. Was it the act itself or what your partner did that made it not enjoyable?

5. How Do You Feel About Pornography?

Pornography is something many people enjoy, but not all are willing to admit it. Some people are open about their love of pornography. Others are morally opposed to it. Wouldn’t it be great to know your partner’s stance on it before you have sex for the first time with them?

6. What Are Your Fantasies?

Knowing what turns your partner on is as important as knowing their fantasies. Knowing someone’s sexual fantasy reveals a lot about them. Maybe you two have the same fantasy or maybe you’re willing to play a role in your partner’s fantasy. Will they play a role in yours?

New relationships are difficult to navigate and a lot of that had to do with having sex with someone new. Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn about your partner’s sexual preferences before you have sex with them? And wouldn’t it be great if your partner knew your sexual preferences too? Having an open and honest discussion with a partner about sex should be an easy thing to do. If it’s not, maybe you shouldn’t be having sex with them.

7 thoughts on “6 Questions to Ask Your New Partner About Sex

  1. Shellioness

    Sound great and all but what if they lie about their answers just to get through the moment and then when the time comes it’s nothing like what they said good or bad….::speaking from experience obviously.

    1. Juanita

      There are no guarantees in life. If you are looking for just a hookup, it shouldn’t matter. If you are looking for real love and a relationship, take the time to get to know them before you sleep with them.

    1. Juanita

      I don’t think that men are more capable of lying than women. People lie, and if you keep ending up with liars you should take the time to learn why that keeps happening to you.

  2. Renee

    My fiance is super conservative. He doesn’t mind if I love him orally, but he refuses to reciprocate nased on an experience years ago with someone else. He makes me feel lile somethings wrong with meme because I need sex often. When I mention it he gets an attitude. He suffers with a bullet in his back from the war, and it does affect his performance. I just jave a hard time tjat he doesn’t want to satisfy me unless everything is working. He also feels put off if I pleasire myself. Any Advice?
    I would love to roll play and get a little wild been together 2 years

    1. Juanita

      I think it is unfair that you please your fiance, yet he doesn’t please you. I understand that he has an injury, but you could try different positions until you find one that’s comfortable for both of you. He needs to get his sexual hangups figured out and make peace with his romantic past. Also, you have the right to please yourself! I suggest you get this taken care of before the wedding. It’s not going to fix itself on its own.

      None of this is your fault.

  3. Joseph

    I think that sex is important in a romantic relationship but as you said it should be spoken out loud to the person that you are having sex with so that you would know what they want how they want it and if they want it at the same time revealing what you want and what you don’t want so I have great conversation is a must in order to have a very pleasurable good romantic time with one another first of all just being real with yourself and you’ll find that it’s easier to be real with someone else no one’s a mind reader


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