5 Women Who Won’t Find Their Soulmate

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

When it comes to the whole courtship thing, women (and men) can engage in some pretty interesting behavior. Whether they’re feeling nervous, self-conscious, or just out of their element, they may end up embodying certain behaviors, often without meaning to, which could jeopardize their romantic success. Here are five types of women who won’t find their soulmate. Are any of these behaviors keeping you from finding “the one”?

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1. The Woman Who Pretends to Be Someone She Isn’t
A woman who pretends to be someone she’s not, just to win a man’s approval, will never find her soulmate. She’s the type of woman who says, “me too” to everything he likes. She may also dress a certain way to please him. She’ll do whatever it takes to turn a man who is not her soulmate, into her soulmate. In the short run, she may be able to keep up the act, but the truth will surely come out and she’ll find herself single again. Better to be true to who you are from the start and find someone who meshes well with the real you.

2. The Woman Who is too Clingy
Everyone enjoys their personal space and alone time, but the woman who is too clingy doesn’t care too much for her partner’s personal space. That’s why she’s always constantly checking in and demanding her partner do the same. This behavior may seem sweet at first—she just really loves her guy—but no one wants a helicopter girlfriend, or wife for that matter.

3. The Woman Who is Standoffish
On the flip side, a woman may be afraid of getting hurt and won’t let a potential mate get too close. She may also be a game player. While the chase is fun for awhile, quality men aren’t interested in playing games. If you act like you aren’t interested, your potential mate has the right to assume you aren’t. He’ll soon move on to someone who shows their interest.

4. The Woman Who is Superficial
It’s not just about looks. If a woman constantly talk about how awesome her life is—the car she drives, the purse she carries or the club she went to—she sounds less like a real person and more like a trashy reality TV star. Your soulmate isn’t going to care about your material possessions or the labels you buy. Go deeper to find out what’s special about you so you have something interesting and amazing to share with your true love.

5. The Woman Who Dissects Everything
After a date, some women like to get together with their girlfriends and dissect the experience—what he wore, what he said, how he said it, etc. While this can be really fun, obsessing over every little detail puts you too much in your head. This means your not letting yourself enjoy how the relationship unfolds. All this hidden subtext can sabotage an amazing soulmate relationship before it even has a chance to begin.

9 thoughts on “5 Women Who Won’t Find Their Soulmate

  1. mary abia

    i like this reading quite interesting which means i will meet my love soonest and get married immediately since am real all the time,be yourself.

  2. retha mae baker

    Yes i am a clingy girl friend i always wanted my boyfriend to call me and check up on me but that didn’t get me anywhere so what must i do about it

  3. alroy broomes


  4. Debster

    I’m number 3. Not a player, not at all. Just usually circumspect and shut them down before they even get out of the gate. I’ve been single six years… six long years. Just met a guy through work, he was flirting, I though he was cute so I opened up a bit. We don’t run into each other that often, but I found myself looking for him and quickly determined he was looking for me too. We ran into each other and immediately hugged, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. He asks me to put in for an upcoming effort he’s going to in California, not once but twice…. That was last night. Scroll forward to today. I find out he’s married… NIX that, I’m not interested. Guy is dropped like a hot rock, off the edge of the earth.

    So… it’s like I can almost hear… “wait for it…” in my head whenever I find someone interesting. I split from my ex because he was cheating, and will NEVER do that to someone else. I know what that feels like, to find out that someone you love deeply is playing the field. It took a huge toll on me, still does truth be known.

    So… yeah, back to being circumspect and distant. Awesome. Another holiday season, another year, another birthday… alone.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    EXCELLENT advice, Natasha .

    Many people make finding love much harder than it needs to be. Relax, breathe, and be yourself. IF there is a Karmic connection, and IF that connection is meant to be fulfilled in this incarnation/lifetime, then it will happen. Let Karma do it’s thing, and go with flow.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    1. Eniola

      This is perfectly right. If there is a karmic connection meant to be fulfill then the two of you will surely meet. The laws are perfect.

    2. Bow

      Exactly.. I knew/husband knew “immediately” upon meeting. In fact – I said – been waiting for u to get here .what took u so long… he said ..don’t care where u go just let me know…this time…(lol).. first interaction … Was like instant reconnection … together from first meeting ..now 36 yrs later for this journey.

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