5 Tips to Make the Most of Galentine’s Day

5 Tips to Make the Most of Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Day With Your Girl Gang

While Valentine’s Day remains focused on romance, there’s a fresh spin on the holiday to celebrate your platonic loved ones—your girlfriends. Called “Galentine’s Day,” this new take on Hallmark’s sappiest event inspires you to get your crew together to honor the unbreakable bonds you have, and have a ton of fun in the process, of course. Ready to get your girls together and celebrate your friendship? Here are five tips to help you make this Galentine’s Day an unforgettable experience.

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1. Be Inclusive
When pulling your friends together for a Galentine’s Day celebration, remember to include your attached pals, too. While your coupled or married friends may be celebrating Valentine’s Day, they won’t want to miss out on the chance for some girl time, which can be hard to come by, especially if they have kids. Galentine’s Day isn’t about being single or attached. It’s actually about celebrating the bonds you have with your friends.

2. Choose Your Adventure
Get everyone on a group email or group text to brainstorm ideas for a night out. Your group may be into springing for a fancy dinner, going out dancing at a club or doing a whole weekend away in a destination like New Orleans, Austin or Las Vegas. Alternatively, if your group is less into the party scene, you might consider doing a daytime actively, like an awesome local hike and brunch, a macramé or pottery class held at your local wine bar, or a yoga retreat. Whatever the activity, you’ll be able to experience something fun together, while making new memories along the way too.

3. Get Ready Together
Especially if you’re going out at night, make it a point to get ready together. Honestly, when’s the last time you got to put on makeup next to your best girlfriends or try on outfits together as a whole group before hitting the town? Your coupled friends will really appreciate the opportunity to get an honest opinion on their prospective outfits. Play great music to get you in the mood, serve drinks and snacks, and make it a real party before the party.

4. Be Mindful
The whole point of Galentine’s Day is to have fun, so make the outing positive. This celebration is about cherishing each other, not gossiping about those who couldn’t make it, or bemoaning the fact that you’re (still) single. There’s a time and place for those kinds of conversations, so try your best not to monopolize the night (or day) with negativity. That way, the focus can be on the incredible people around you.

5. Make It a Slumber Party
If time, opportunity, and space allow, make Galentine’s Day an overnight affair. Perhaps you all spring for a hotel suite or crash on blow-up beds at someone’s place. Whatever you choose, making the time for an old-fashioned sleepover will bring back memories from your teenage years and give you another opportunity for bonding. Bonus points if you break out the old Ouija board.

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