The Meaning Behind Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

The Meaning Behind Your Valentine's Day Flowers

Sweet, Sentimental, and Loving

If you’ve ever received Valentine’s Day flowers, you may also be wondering what they mean. Sure, flowers are a sign of affection, but different flowers mean different things. And I’m not just talking about the kinds of flowers (roses, orchids, etc.); I’m also talking about the flowers’ colors (red, white, pink, etc.) that make up your bouquet.

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Do they love you with a fiery passion? Do they think you’re mysterious and wild? Maybe they have warm, friendly feelings toward you. Let’s find out what your Valentine’s Day flowers mean!


Simply put, roses are the symbol of love, romance, and beauty. Millions are grown just for Valentine’s Day, which more than likely makes them the number one choice for this romantic holiday. But roses come in many different colors and each color has a different meaning when part of a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers:

  • Red roses mean “I love you.”
  • Purple roses mean “I love you and I find you captivating.”
  • Pink roses mean “I admire you.”
  • Yellow roses mean “I’m so happy we’re friends.”
  • White roses mean “I find you charming.”


Aside from the name, that sounds an awful lot like “two lips,” giving these beauties to someone on Valentine’s Day is a perfect rose-alternative. According to, their primary meaning is “perfect love.” Like roses, they come in varying colors that have special meanings too:

  • Red represents true love
  • Purple is a sign of loyalty (and royalty)
  • Yellow means “I’m thinking of you.”
  •  White represents worthiness or forgiveness
  • Variegated/Patterned tulips represent beautiful eyes


According to, “These rare and unique buds are a symbol of beauty, love, strength, and luxury. Plus, they also convey a message of exotic seduction,” especially when given on Valentine’s Day.


My personal favorite, these beautiful, white and super-fragrant flowers can be gifted as a plant or in a bouquet. While white flowers are something you’d probably expect to see on your wedding day, you have to admit they’re a unique (and pricey) choice. Getting gardenias from someone means they set you apart from all others. You’re special and your Valentine’s Day flowers are special too!

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies come in a variety of colors. They’re big and beautiful and they certainly make a bold statement. The meaning behind them is one of innocence and happiness, making them the perfect selection for a new romance on Valentine’s Day or any other day too.

Making You Feel Special

No matter what kind of flowers you get on Valentine’s Day, remember that someone put time and effort into doing something to make you feel special. It’s touching, sweet, and sentimental whether they give you a huge bouquet of your favorite flowers or a handful of hand-picked wildflowers.

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