5 Things Men Need to Know

What do men need to know about women? Without running the risk of writing a multi-volume encyclopedia, let me hit five major highlights

1. Sexual appetite in women only increases with age

This is a generalization, but is based on fact in most cases. As women mature, they become more comfortable with their bodies and themselves, adding to the uninhibited behavior that is so attractive in a sex partner. The typical young, “hot” women in sexy attire can just as easily be self-conscious and unadventurous in bed, as the older, less lusty woman can bring real fire and fun into the boudoir.

2. Even independent women are attracted to caring men

Even though she is self-sufficient and enjoys her independence, she still needs to feel protected and provided for on some level. She may be able to maintain a career and lifestyle that requires a great amount of responsibility, but that doesn’t mean she enjoys doing it alone. In this case, she wants to feel taken care of and that she has chosen a mate that is capable of holding down the fort on the days she feels overwhelmed by her responsibilities.

3. With bedroom etiquette, know that while he may be done, she is probably not

It’s a well-known fact that women require more effort in the bedroom. Sexual satisfaction in men is usually a quick fix, while women often require a good amount of TLC in just the right areas. Just because you’ve reached blastoff doesn’t mean she has even fastened her seatbelt. So for optimum lovemaking, it is up to the guy to make sure the journey has been a success for all parties involved.

4. He can’t expect her to be in better shape than he is

Men tend to be more visual than women, who reside more often in an emotional arena, so a woman may be more inclined to forgive her mate’s imperfect physical attributes. Many men set a high priority on their partner’s physical shape and appearance, which is only fair if they can return the favor by offering comparable attractiveness. It also stands to reason that if she is in significantly better shape than him, he should definitely appreciate what he’s got and perhaps view her attributes as inspiration for a new exercise regime.

5. Overwhelm her with compliments in the bedroom

Stereotypically, women need more reassurance in the bedroom than men do. Women tend to nitpick regarding their own bodies and most are never 100% satisfied with their physical appearance. Sharing her naked body with someone makes her feel vulnerable and her guy should treat it like a gift, praising all of her positive attributes. Even some exaggeration here can net a bit payoff, for if she feels beautiful and appreciated, she will be more open and responsive to her lover.

You know the old saying that knowledge is power, and for those men who are genuinely interested in getting and keeping the woman, you just might want to commit a few of these to memory.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things Men Need to Know

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  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Alina,

    Nice article……. I especially liked #2……but independent women also need to remember to give that caring right back as well.

    In love one needs to remember that loving and caring is a two way street…..

    … male Or female it’s true that there are no perfect people, only perfect moments.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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