5 Relationship Red Flags Often Ignored

The Signs Are There

When a relationship ends, it’s often easy to look back and pinpoint the moment things started going wrong. There was probably a warning sign, or two, that things may not work out. These warning signs or relationship red flags are super common and yet we tend to ignore them as they’re happening time and time again.

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Instead of brushing off the signals that someone you’re dating just isn’t the one, it’s important to pay close attention to the person’s behavior early on. Here are five relationship red flags that are not only quite typical, but are also ones that most of us ignore. You’ve been warned.

1. Avoiding the Relationship Talk
Sure, you don’t need to pour out your hopes and dreams about partnership on a first date, but you should be able to have a thoughtful conversation about what you want and need with a potential partner pretty early on. This way, you can see if you’re on the same page about where you’d like your relationship to go. If he or she can’t talk candidly about where things are headed, chances are things are headed nowhere fast.

2. Constantly Bringing Up Someone Else’s Opinion
Having a mind of your own is a super attractive quality. If a potential paramour starts every sentence with, “My mom thinks…” or, “My best friend says…” it’s a sign that he or she can’t think for themselves. You want to be with someone who can stand on their own two feet and doesn’t rely on the opinions of others for making life decisions. Nip this one in the bud early. Otherwise, you’ll likely have a third person in your relationship moving forward.

3. Playing the Dating Game
While you can’t expect someone you’re seeing to text or call you back right away because, you know, he or she does have a life outside of you, you should assume that he or she won’t make you wait around for an unreasonable amount of time. We’ve all heard of the “three-day rule” and the advice that you shouldn’t look too eager too soon. But games are for children. Someone who’s actually serious about you isn’t going to play with your heart.

4. Being Secretive About Friends
Are they avoiding introducing you to their close pals? You may excuse this behavior by saying it’s too soon or that it’s too hard to coordinate schedules for a get-together. But if the person really likes you, he or she would be stoked to show you off to their crew. Rather than try to justify this conduct, take it as a clear sign that you’re probably not going to be in that person’s life for long.

5. Making You Feel Like You Need to Be Someone You’re Not
We all go out of our way to impress a new partner, but sometimes we may feel pressured to change who we are—or even hide parts of ourselves—in order to make it seem like we’re the ideal person for whoever we’re pursuing. This pressure may not come from the person you’re dating; it could totally be self-induced. In any case, if you feel like you can’t be completely yourself from the get-go, this is a sign that you’re chasing after someone who may not be right for you.

4 thoughts on “5 Relationship Red Flags Often Ignored

  1. Sharon Roberts

    I just started talking to a friend of a friend that was introduced to me a few years ago ,the friend that that I met this friend threw I was going on dates with him in the beginning of and on ,but his friend that I’m talking to now , use to ask him about me every time he see me. but in the beginning of the relationship, it felt soo perfect everything thing was going good, we got into a argument about him disrespecting me about inviting me to his private parts,and also threatened my life all of a sudden. And I ask him to stop talking in that manner to me and he continued on to disrespect me, I guess he’s mad he lost all his money the night before. Please help I need your opinion!

  2. A

    you did the right thing. Let him go. He is not trustworthy. I have no one it’s been several years, and I rather be alone, than be with the wrong man. Good luck!

  3. Susan

    I’ve just got back with my ex as we still love each other and we both wanted to give it another go. We have promised each other that we would both grow up and stop acting like little kids . To be honest and truthfull. And talk about anything that’s annoying us. Or bothering us. But the thing is he’s acting all cagie and saying he’s confused. About a question I asked him. And that question was from me to him was why carnt I get to see your friends on facebook ? Now I know he’s changed his profile to private so I carnt see any of his friends as I have just unblocked him on facebook. He can see all my friends. When I asked him he just said that he was confused to what I am saying. Then blamed my daughter for me being in a mood. I was.nt in a mood at all. I just asked him a simple question. Now when we broke up 5 months ago he started seeing this other women and I know from time to time she tx.s him. I asked him if she was on his facebook and he was.nt sure if she was or not. I don’t get this. And deep down in my heart I think he’s lying. Abit later on he owns ip to me and says yes she is. But still does not change the privacy settings. And says that he’s goin to bed. He must think I’m stupid. So I have now blocked him of my facebook and I’m not convinced he’s telling me the whole truth here. So I’m prepared to take any more chances on him. As I know and feel that he’s hiding something from me. And my trust has now been damaged once again. He says he loves me and wants a future with me. But my intution is saying NO DONT BE FOOLED. LISTERN TO WHAT YOUR HEAD IS SAYING. Can you help me. ?

    1. Angela

      A good friend just shared this with me… “please open your eyes” as well as listening because talk is cheap!
      Trust your intuition & keep your eyes wide open.. You know what’s really going on & you deserve better!

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