Weekend Horoscope: Moving Forward With a Fight

Struggling to Grow

While communicator Mercury joined with benevolent Jupiter seeks to expand your physical and mental horizons, a clash between mighty Mars, stern Saturn and nebulous Neptune indicates that you can’t move things forward without a fight. Is the growth you’re pushing for really worth the struggle to have it? Find out below, sign by sign, when you read your Weekend Horoscope!

What else is in store for you this weekend? Psychic Krishni has the answer!


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that your time will be best spent getting things done at home or at work. In fact, you will bring some of your most brilliant ideas to bear upon a current task. Travel and outdoor adventures could prove to be stressful or even hazardous. Best to play it safe.


This can be a great time for romance providing that big demands aren’t made in the bedroom. The vibe is not right for intimacy, but it is perfect for fun and games. Keep things light, Taurus. Plan a pleasurable date. If you are single, you could meet your intellectual match.


This is an ideal weekend to entertain at home. You will be in your element when you are surrounded by your closest loved ones and friends. However, coupled Geminis could find it hard to get along with their significant other. Despite your best efforts, you can’t please all of the people in your life, all of the time.


You have a lot to say, but you should be careful not to reveal more than people really need to know, especially at work. This can be a tense time for workplace relations, as a stressful project could put everyone on edge. Make self-care a priority. Get adequate rest and nutrition.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that this could be a fortuitous time for financial wheeling and dealing, providing that you don’t rely too heavily upon speculative ventures nor do anything that could potentially increase your debt. Your luck lies in making money through your own efforts. Be on the lookout for opportunity.


You will be in a great mood as long you manage to avoid dealing with a stressful home and family matter. You won’t get your way and you can’t force others to go along with your program. Put it on the back burner for now and have a little fun instead.


You have faith that a certain matter will work out in your favor, and you are probably right. However, sharing your thoughts about this is likely to dampen your spirits, as someone is sure to rain on your parade. Not everyone possesses the faith to trust in things yet unseen.


Your calendar is likely to be packed with opportunities to attend interesting events, allowing you to socialize with a wide variety of people. However, you could take a big financial hit if you don’t keep an eye on your expenses. Decide which activities will be worth the cost.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that the world (or at least your community) might applaud your accomplishments and view you as generous and wise. Allowing accolades and recognition to go to your head could unleash your inner tyrant. Be careful that an ill-timed tantrum doesn’t tarnish your hard-earned reputation.


Travel, or the armchair adventure provided by a good book or movie, will be pleasurable. You have a lot of heavy stuff on your mind, so you could benefit from a distraction. If you can’t get out of the house, then do something that gets you out of your head.


A lot of people are on team Aquarius and are willing to step up and offer you their support. Accept help from those who are offering it instead of bullying a friend who refuses to get behind something you are doing. Not everyone shares your particular values and priorities.


You will do your best thinking and strategizing while in the company of your significant other or a close colleague or friend. The feedback that you receive can provide insight on how to deal with a career-related conflict. You will feel less alone when you realize that your problem is not unique.

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  1. Rajendra prasad

    I keep dreaming that some enemy is trying to harm me physically while in dream.But I fly to save my self.So far enemy was not successful.Please analyze the dream which I see during dream time to time.With regards.


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