5 Reasons to Take a Chance on Love

The Best Part of Being Human

Love is all we need. It makes the world go ’round, and it lifts us up where we belong. Some of the most enduring songs and memorable quotes center around the wonder of love. Falling and being in love with another person is quite possibly the best part of being human.

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So, if you find it, it’s worth cherishing and protecting—no matter what. If you’re ever in a position where you have to take a huge leap to hold onto your soulmate, seriously consider doing so. Here are five key reasons why.

1. Love is Worth the Risk
There are not many things in life that are more important than love. In fact, many people would agree that it is the most important thing in life. So, if there was ever an opportunity to put your heart on the line, love is an extremely worthy cause.

2. You’ll Always Wonder “What If?”
If you let love pass you by, you’ll always second-guess the decision. Always. Especially when you find out that the one who got away found love with someone else. Even if there are risks involved, it’s worth pursuing in order to find out if this person really is your soulmate, the love of your life, your other half—you get the picture. That way, you’ll never have regrets.

3. The Details Will Fall Into Place … Eventually
Love isn’t always easy, or practical. You may have to give up your job to move across the country, for instance, which is a daunting leap of faith. But, all things considered, it’s probably easier for you to find a way to make a living than it is to find a person who lights you up inside. Don’t focus too much on the logistics and the rational reasons why you shouldn’t take a chance (unless those reasons have to do with red flags within the relationship, of course) and follow your heart.

4. You Never Know When (or if) You’ll Find It Again
If you find a unique, special someone, it’s worth holding on and never letting go. Chances are, you may never feel the same way again about another person, nor feel as cherished and loved by another. When you meet someone who truly makes you feel whole and understood on an emotional level, you should honor the fact that you’ve been so lucky to find this person by giving the relationship a chance—even if that means taking a giant leap of faith.

5. Love is the Best Excuse
Your friends, family and colleagues will understand if you all of a sudden need to pick up and leave town or seem to prioritize this new person, and your new life together, over them. Because telling people you’re madly, deeply, undeniably in love makes basically anything A-OK. They know how extraordinary it is and they’ll soon understand why you need to make a major change or take a chance in order to be with your soulmate.

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Take a Chance on Love

  1. Jones

    I want to know truly, if Chris is my soul mate for sure. Because I keep getting other reading saying that I’m going to meet someone else, but I’m wondering how can that be, when I’ve been with Chris going on all most 8 years now. So it’s very scary for me the thought of us not being together. I can’t see it. Yes he drives me crazy at times and sometimes I do feel as he really doesn’t know me at all, but still I can’t imagine him not being the one for me. Or am I just settling

    1. Michelle Booker

      just a thought sometimes we feel that the person were with is our destiny when that person has only been placed in our lives for learning experience but because were only human and those feelings are so strong we feel thats who were suppose to be with i dreamed once i was surrounded by a lot of diffent guys didnt know why @the time because i thought i was with that perfect guy a year later we had broken up i found myself with someone else i guess then i didnt know who i was so i took that time and found myself.

  2. Val frank

    Well thats exactley what im going through i know i found my other half my soul mate i havent met him in person yet but hes sending me money i never asked him for he wants to come get me and go back to portland with him his name is marten and i really truely love him its just i get so depressed im lonely im trying to get a part time job to fill in the gap so im not so lonely

    1. Michelle Booker

      i feel that being depressed and lonley is a hard thing to deal with because dyring those times i have found out you will grab at anything not saying thats what your doing you should get out meet n greet read go on dates ride a bike work out get a buddy plan learn and understad you as a person so that if he is what you want he will not know that you are in it just because you are lonley pray about it GOD will guide you

  3. A. J. Roberts

    I am Taurus male in Love with a Sagittarius female.
    They say these two zodiac sign have no chance of staying together after they get married.
    I disagree. Johnny and Cindy got along fine.

    1. Michelle Booker

      i dated a sagittauris male and im a taurus female he was off the chane he was sweet when he wanted to be part crazy and part mad the last time i saw him was jail too jelious they want all the attention all the money and dont want you aroud a soul that a male dont know about female but learn her for yourself test her to see dont jump in somethig because of the next person to each is there own

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