5 Good Relationship Qualities

Relationships That Go the Distance

Every romantic relationship is as unique as the two people within it. That said, good relationships all tend to have the same core qualities that make them the ones that last. The following five qualities are essential for healthy, happy unions that stand the test of time. Does yours have them?

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1. Trust
Above all else, trust is a must in a good relationship. If you don’t have complete confidence that your partner means and does what they say, then your relationship has a significant issue. You should trust that they will remain loyal to you, that they love you if they say they do and that they will essentially “walk the talk.” A union without this doesn’t have the strength to make it.

2. Enthusiasm
After the initial dating period, the passion in a relationship can wane a bit—that’s normal. But you and your partner should still have a certain zest for each other, and for life. That means being excited to try things together, from testing out hobbies to traveling to new places to switching up your bedroom repertoire. You should also still be eager to come home to each other each night. While you may not still get those butterflies every time you walk in the door, a sense of contentment and happiness remains and sustains you. Another way you might show enthusiasm? By being each other’s cheerleaders when you or your significant other is taking on a new job or chasing a dream. Your ability to lift each other up is key.

3. Respect
Having respect for your partner is critical—as is feeling respected by your partner. This means that you don’t bad mouth each other to friends or family members, that you stand up for each other and that you try to speak to each other as maturely as possible while in the midst of an argument. Lose respect and you lose more than just your regard for each other. In fact, a lack of respect can brew contempt, which is a common relationship killer.

4. Openness
Communication is the foundation of a good relationship. Being able to share openly with your partner, warts and all, is essential for a union that will last. Showing your vulnerability, and encouraging your partner to reveal theirs will allow you to deepen your bond and grow closer together as the years pass.

5. Empathy
Over the course of your relationship, times will get tough. From bad days to family tragedies, your partner is the one who will be your rock and help you make it through. Having a sense of compassion, therefore, is essential, so you can respond with understanding and tenderness when the occasion calls for it.

4 thoughts on “5 Good Relationship Qualities

  1. Chrissi

    I have a relationship- well I am married to someone who has none of these towards me, in fact, unless we go out when he returns from work he either goes straight to bed or after he eats we both usually stay in our own part of the house, me upstairs in the bedroom or in his study if I need the computer, him either upstairs in the bedroom if I am on the computer, or he is in his study and I’m upstairs- we don’t discuss the household finances- so if things go wrong, or payment are missed I get the unpleasant surprises, we don’t eat together, we don’t even own a dining table- we now have very little in common except our son- thanks to my health any intimacy is either painful or impossible, and as we are not well off we don’t go away or out often anyway – we’ve been married 26 years and before that together two- so although these qualities may be desirable they are obviously not essential

  2. Tammy

    Ten years is a long tume thete is domethinv you can do . A women wants her man to be able to take care of the house hold while she takes care of the children and the rest of the daily chores.And if you both work then you share it.

  3. Dorien Hawkins

    I have been going on with some one that is a problem she just wants leave me alone in the end. And have told this lady to move on. Now my luck is no good right now. I have been out work for 10 years.

    1. Yasha

      Keep the faith. Things will get better. You may have to change your place of residence if the job market is that bad where you live because ten years is a long time to be out of work. I hope things get better for you.

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