Your Weekend Horoscope: Transcend Boundaries

Seek a Deeper Connection

This weekend’s New Moon in transcendent Pisces in sync with Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, brings big-time romance, creativity and compassion. This energy encourages you to transcend boundaries and seek deeper connection in the area of your life energized by this alignment. Check your horoscope to find out where you can make magic! Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that a spiritual awakening is certainly underway. Painful ordeals that you suffered in the past have awakened your sense of compassion and may inspire you to find a way to help someone who is experiencing hardship. Your empathy creates a space for others to be heard and to heal.


Connect with a friend or group that shares your artistic or spiritual interests. The sense of community and camaraderie you feel will certainly inspire you and reinforce your faith in yourself and in the things you are doing now. However, if you don’t have a friend nearby, be a friend. Everybody needs one.


You can gain deeper insight into your boss and your professional world. This knowledge will certainly help you project an image that makes the right impression. Focus on common threads rather than what makes you different. Your compassion and creativity will endear you to those whose opinions matter most.


Focus on learning something that increases your compassion, creativity, or understanding of the world around you. This can certainly be achieved through a spiritual practice, a class or workshop, or travel to a destination that you feel spiritually connected to. However, even a brief experience can provide a deep level of understanding.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that an intimate encounter could reveal a deep connection that is spiritual as well as sexual. However, if you are single, seek out the company of someone with whom you feel a spiritual tie. This sort of intimacy makes for a strong bond and a more fulfilling relationship.


You will feel deeply connected to your partner (either romantic or professional) or anyone with whom you are closely entwined today. This is certainly a great time for collaboration because you and your sidekick will operate perfectly in sync. You will inspire each other and your combined creativity helps to make something great.


This compassionate energy may inspire you to offer your services in some way. This is certainly a great time to volunteer or to share your experience with someone who is in need of your gifts. Sharing freely will make you feel good about yourself and will be of benefit to others.


Whether your play is artistic or romantic, you are certainly making big moves. This dreamy energy is super inspiring and will encourage you to open up and express your most heartfelt emotions. If you are a coupled, a romantic date is a must. However, single Scorpios might meet someone at a musical or artistic venue.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you are deeply attuned to what’s happening in your domestic life. Your love and compassion for those closest to you make it easy to mend rifts in important relationships. This is certainly a great time to make changes in your home that make it feel more like a sacred space.


Even if you are not an artistic person, you bring creative thinking to talks and problem-solving. Your ability to understand the deeper connections and to read between the lines allows you to intuit things that people are oblivious to. Trust that you know what’s what regardless of whether others agree.


Your penetrating insight into a financial matter can give you a better understanding of what is really going on. However, this might not be the time for action. Use what you learn to make more informed choices in the days and weeks ahead. Intuitive guidance will be a wise investment.


You are in your element now! Your compassion and creativity inform everything you do. The universe has never been more ready to receive your gifts. Decide how best to make your unique imprint on the world. It is time to move forward with your most important personal goal.

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