4 Secrets to Regain Intimacy

Learn how to increase your intimacy in a relationship. Before and after the sex, there is a doorway to strengthen the relationship even further.

Ways to Nurture Intimacy After Sex

Many couples fail to realize the amount of intimacy they can discover and nurture post-sex. While sexual intimacy is wonderful and can allow couples to reconnect over and over again when they have been apart for some time, there is a secret to ultimate intimacy that many couples do not realize. After the orgasm, there is an open doorway to strengthen the relationship even further. After you have sex with your partner, the vibes that you felt during the sexual loving act continue.

We are most vulnerable before and after sexual contact. We tend to walk around in an erotic intimate bubble before and after sex as we have transcended to a whole other plane of emotional and social intimacy. This is the perfect opportunity to truly connect with your loved one. If you want to nurture intimacy after sex, look no further.

1. Stay Awhile

Instead of jumping up, getting dressed and diving back into the roller coaster of life – stay. Slow down with your partner, and truly lay together naked, under the covers and close. Keep skin contact and caress each other softly. This can create an amazing sense of intimacy and strengthen the trust between two lovers. Sometimes, when we rush off into our daily routine, and if we leave one partner behind, it may create a sense of abandonment at one of the most vulnerable times possible. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

2. Inspire Each Other

Once you have calmed down, your breathing and bodies are in a state of relaxation; share this with each other. Talk about your goals, dreams and what you can look forward to as a couple in love. This can create a great amount of intimacy for the both of you. It reunites the reasons why you work fantastically as a team in love.

3. Affection is #1

During and after sex is a very vulnerable time that many find a bit frightening. You have given yourself to someone entirely and have exposed your nakedness; both emotionally and physically. If both of you continue to be affectionate after sex and tell each other in words how you feel, you have a great chance of securing emotional nourishment.

4. Awareness is Key

If you take a look at how you react post-sex, it can greatly increase your chances of intimacy and nurturing skills. If you find that you do jump up and drop back into everyday life quickly, you might want to analyze this a bit. Are you fearful of intimacy? Do you crave intimacy, but are not sure how to achieve it? Perhaps you are scared to sit in the moment after sex and really become exposed?

Become aware of how you act after sex with your partner. Once you have the awareness, you can move into changing your reactions and have an even stronger bond with your partner. Actions speak much louder than words, and the actions you take after sex might be jeopardizing your chance of having ultimate intimacy with your partner and soul mate. Want to increase your awareness, but not sure how? Talk with Psychic Shevonne ext. 5503 to learn how.

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  3. Marc from the UK

    Yes I would agree that time out of your normal environment would indeed spice up the moment and allow your selve’s to be free to chill and enjoy each other 😉

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    Hello Psychic expert!
    I really found this piece of i nformation quite educating and interesting just like every of your infos and advice. It’s actually gona help me alot in strengthening my intimacy with my wife and it will not just be for ,me and my wife alone, i am gona share it with friends on my twiter,netlog and facebook. You guys are doin g great job keep it up.


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