Mercury Retrograde Forecast for March 12 – April 4, 2012

What Does It Mean for Your Sign?

Mercury retrograde has caused many dire warnings over the years about not traveling or signing contracts when he seems to go “backward” from Earth. The first time this happens in 2012 will be on March 12, and he will return to forward motion on April 4. Mercury just keeps orbiting the Sun as always, so it truly just makes us readjust our perspective to a grander one on all things about communication, details and travel.

Mercury retrograde reminds us that our views are all about perspective, so where we’ve missed something in our great love transmitter, our language, we have the opportunity to review, reconsider, relive, recommend, repeat and reflect. Your old lover also may want to reignite or reveal their feelings for you during this time. Or your boss might resign, and you get a promotion. But how will this expression of the ultimate communicator and traveler really impact your sign in March and April of 2012? Want to know more about Mercury retrograde in your sign? Talk with Psychic Kennedy ext. 5519 who also uses astrology in readings.

Aries: With your ruler Mars also retrograde until mid-April, you may feel doubly frustrated during March just before a truly big break. With Uranus now in your sign, your nervous energy is heightened a bit, but so is your genius.

Taurus: Pay lots of attention to your dreams and your friends during March. Opportunities to experience love, beauty and great sex abound everywhere. What’s wrong with dealing with the past if it brings delights?

Gemini: With Mercury as your chart ruler, you feel a bit “out of sorts” when Mercury causes you to reconsider your usually impeccable words (especially with the boss) and to notice someone special who was always there. You’ll enjoy the results.

Cancer: March may well be time for that great trip or those communications you missed due to surprises in February. If you seize the opportunity, you could reap real benefits at work and at home.

Leo: During March you may feel that you’ve missed an important opportunity. Don’t worry. You have unconsciously triggered an event that will bring a very powerful effect around May 26.

Virgo: March will require very clear communications in your relationships. You will need to repeat and reinforce what you say with partners or enemies who may become friends after they see the results of your ideas.

Libra: Use your charm and naturally beautiful expression at work to help your communications. March also gives you an opportunity to tweak health issues and feel better than ever.

Scorpio: It’s time to pay attention to that creative project you put on the shelf. If this is a creation you want to share with others, the interest it receives this month will ultimately pay off. Don’t give up! Afraid to awaken to the call of the universe? Talk with Yasmina ext 5358 who can guide you on your path.

Sagittarius: Have you been traveling and too busy to contact Mom or neglected a project at home for the same reason? Mom may have found something or someone you considered lost. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Capricorn: It’s all about contracts in March. They could bring or save you real money. So don’t grumble if you must rework details of a contract. The messenger who delivers it for correction could bring the love of your life.

Aquarius: Focus on communications and money could be gained in March. This could affect both your love life and your inheritance and investments. So be willing to re-think and honor someone’s values, and you could gain love and money.

Pisces: Do you feel like someone has forgotten your contribution to them or a project? Partners and friends will realize their mistake and be certain to give you credit for what you’ve done for them.

All Southern Californians will have special experiences during March 2012. The “shadow” of Mercury retrograde begins the day after the Oscars, February 27, when Mercury is in square to the planet of Southern California who sang and danced the Universe into existence, Quaoar. Not only may an artist ignored by the Academy get later recognition, but you may be reconsidered by that great looking lover or for that job. In the end, hooray for Mercury retrograde!

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4 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Forecast for March 12 – April 4, 2012

  1. Cheri

    It’s wise to pay attention to Mercury retrograde. I didn’t know on March 12, 2012 that it was already swinging but I sure felt it with people ( clients ) forgetting appointments, canceling at the last minute, misunderstandings of when their appointments were scheduled. People being cranky. My car acting up

  2. Kathleen Scott

    Great article…I always tell my clients that while Mercury is Retrograde that it is time to do anything that starts with the letters “RE”: rest, relax, reconsider, review, reconnect..etc!!

  3. bella

    oh dear retro AGAIN , i am not up 2/4 re doing anything @ this time , So can i please take/OR get a free pass , iv been gd ?? lord how mercy 4 us caps , & lord how mercy 2/4 ALL of us !!


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