4 Breakable Marriage Rules

While advice passed down through wisdom and experience is frequently valuable, it should not blind you. In response to the rapidly changing times and countless relationship dynamics, marriage rules that once were held sacred and inviolable may need to be rewritten and revised. Let’s look at a few marriage rules that partners might be better off breaking:

1. Be involved in every aspect of one another’s lives

While sharing parts of your life with your partner is an integral part of a healthy relationship, there is no need to spend every waking minute together. Allow one another the necessary space to grow, change, and improve as an individual. The unique experiences you have outside of and distinct from your romantic relationship will be something interesting and stimulating to share with your partner at the end of the day. It is a sign of love and trust when you can allow your mate the freedom to foster his or her distinct personality and interests.

2. Without passion the marriage is doomed

Relationships change and deepen with love and experience as the transcendental tools. Passion, especially in the bedroom, can wane over the years as what once was new becomes familiar. As your relationship strengthens and grows, you may find you feel passionate about your partner, and the life you have built together, in ways that are not necessarily sexual. Remaining close, enjoying experiences together, and supporting one another through the good times and the bad will keep the passion of your love at a delightfully slow and steady burn.

3. Always put the children first

Children require a great deal of love, nurturing and support in order to develop into healthy adults. As a parental team, it is easy to lose focus on your relationship as you delve deeply into parenthood and all the responsibility it entails. However, it is essential that you consider your relationship a top priority, making daily efforts to enrich your special connection, not only to secure your happiness as a couple but also for that of your children. Parents, as the pillars of strength for their children, must foster a deep marital love and comfortable relationship, lest the entire family suffer.

4. It’s a fallacy to think you can change anyone, so don’t bother trying

While people generally don’t change their core selves and beliefs, humans can and do change aspects of their behavior if they truly want to. The key point here is that they must want to change. It’s imperative that you love your partner, first and foremost, faults and all. Any shortcomings that one of you might like to eradicate in the other or attempt to improve upon must never be tossed out as an ultimatum, but rather the partner needing to change must want to do so out of their love for their spouse and their desire to be a better person. After all, as one poetic soul put it, “if nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”

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5 thoughts on “4 Breakable Marriage Rules

  1. Lynn Rose

    When do you stop considering the relationship is doomed because the love s gone to the fact that maybe you think you can something better ( love vs. money )? If you wanting a better view, questioned your motives. my mother said.
    “If the one you love more is cash poor and you go for more cash and not more love”. The jokes on you, your probably in this life to learn your lesson about what’s more important in the “big picture”.

  2. chrissiem

    and have done so off and on for the 20 years we have been married because of financial constraints, and I sure wish the universe would help me out on this one as I never feel as if I have a home of my own here, but I dearly love my hubby and my son and just wish I could finally be in my OWN home

  3. misskrystal

    Thanks, Alina. This all important information. I would like to highlight, “Passion.” May I add that it is also good to meditate and visualize passion in your union. Sometimes we can get too comfy and cozy, so try putting a little spiritualism into your marriage, adding passion, just like we do with protection.
    The mind is a powerful tool, and when we connect our mind, to God and the Universe, miracles can happen. Give passion a chance, and I can almost bet that you will see major improvement, FAST. It would also be awesome to ask your psychic how to balance passion into all aspects of your life.
    I love that Rod Stewart song, “Passion.” Loved it the first time I ever heard it. Great lyrics. So true.
    What a wonderful article. Alina, I so appreciate all your self help posts, you are truly remarkable.
    Huggies, Miss Krystal

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Very good advice…..

    Where children are concerned, I’ve seen marriages crumble because too much emphasis was on the children, a balanced approach is better. Partners need downtime, away from the kids, now and then to focus on each other and stay in touch with each other’s needs and desires.
    And remember,…..eventually, the kids grow up and leave the nest to start their own lives.

    Everybody’s need for passion varies in degrees…..as a couple ages and matures, sometimes the passion dwindles due to medical or physical limitations……that is why it is important to be each other’s friend as well. When you are 90 yrs old, and your libido is fading, you need to be able to still enjoy talking with your partner.
    Older couples I’ve read for tell me they are affectionate with each other and have lively, intelligent conversation with each other but don’t seem to miss the fading physical urges of the libido…..because their love encompasses the mental and emotional needs of their partner, not just the physical.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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