30 Signs It’s Time to Break Up

Breaking up is hard to do no matter what anyone tells you. The last goodbye may not end with a kiss, cry, or forlorn goodbye. The relationship just may be over, done, and gone. Here are thirty signs or reasons why people break up.

1. No time for serious dating, but plenty mating. Some people can’t handle commitment and will seek to run from it. No matter what you do, I just want to get temporarily comfortable and cozy with you.

2. A need for change or new things. It can be blond, brown, or brunette. Something better always comes next and when you least expect.

3. Distance, lifestyle, or compatibility. Tea or coffee is not for me and no one is going to tell me who I should be.

4. Lack of physical attraction or connection. You looked good with make-up on, but not so much when it’s gone.

5. Not meeting each other’s expectations. I thought you enjoyed movies on Friday nights. However, I didn’t think it meant a trip to New York and a first class flight.

6. Relationships are too expensive. Too many tender grilled steaks really can cause heartbreak. No sweet dessert unless you pay first.

7. Someone else is better than anything else. Too immature to be sure, so variety ensures the best pleasure.

8. Your love does not meet their definition of love. My love isn’t like your love and I’ve had enough of your stuff.

9. Missed phone calls/communication. I called when you were out and that is not what I called about. I can hear you, so please don’t shout.

10. Rescheduled or missed dates. Although I’ll be late, I certainly don’t mind if you wait.

11. The family isn’t ready to meet you. I am not close to my family and they may not think you are the one for me.

12. Everything is your fault. You’ve done this and you’ve done that. I’ve done nothing and you still attack.

13. Little truth, many excuses, and former lovers. My ex-lover is still my friend. The relationship is over, but friendship never ends.

14. Children from a pre-existing relationship. My children don’t like you; therefore, we are through. What do you expect me to do?

15. Religion, faith, belief, or customs. My religion does not allow for exceptions or provisions. I’ve had to make a tough decision.

16. Education (Not Enough or Too Much). I went to Harvard and you went to Yale. Somebody might be able to tell.

17. Status, class, and other things that shouldn’t matter. I am a secretary and you are a CEO. Just where did you expect this relationship to go?

18. Alcohol/Drug Abuse and Substance Misuse. How much more can I take if you can’t think straight or participate?

19. Partying all the time. There’s a new club in town. I’ve got to get around and party downtown. You’ll need to guess where I’ll be found.

20. Laziness. I’m too tired to go out to dinner. I need to eat less and become thinner.

21. Cheating. It’s not cheating if it has no real meaning.

22. Emotional instability and crazy-making behavior. I don’t need you! I need a therapist.

23. Wounds that haven’t healed. My heart is torn apart; therefore, we must part.

24. Cats, Dogs, and others pets. My dog will never leave my side, but you’ll run and hide.

25. Missed Celebrations/No Invitations. I’ll ruin my cousin’s wedding because you take too long to get ready.

26. Hurting before getting hurt. You might hurt me, so I’ll need to let it be.

27. Not enough room for two of us. My landlord says I can’t have a roommate or pay the rent late. He even knows my pay date.

28. Entry only through the back door. My friends hang around the front door and they don’t want to see me with you anymore.

29. Gossip, rumors, and frailty. I can’t take all the negative things people say. You always let rumors get in our way. I must protect myself and walk away.

30. No Marriage Ever. You are beautiful, sweet, kind, and clever. However, I don’t think marriage will make my life any better.

Yes, I guess this article is a bit tongue and cheek, but I think you can feel when a love is not complete. People will come up with many things to do or say when they simply want you to go away. Don’t be afraid to let go. The greatest love may be the one you don’t know.

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6 thoughts on “30 Signs It’s Time to Break Up

  1. rosemary

    hello,we are not all perfect,but some people think they are, my husband, he thinks all women he sees want his body,he’s nice looking,but overweight. he has a nice personality for people he doesn’t know,he treats me like i am beneath him,he even flirts with women ,a friend,in front of me,he likes his booze,and,then becomes a spousal abuser,his pet name for me is, pardon me,fucking idiot. he can point out every mistake i may make,but he is absouletly perfect,and,is never wrong,i mean never wrong,i do point out his errors to him,he has no comment. he has been a womaniser since we were eight months married,and,right in front of me,when i tried to break it up he pushed me back so hard i nearly fell,he had an affair in our home with a gay woman,while i was at work,but he didn’t know i had an early night,and i came home and caught them,i know i should leave,but i don;t have the funds.30 years of this


    I would say that BOTH men and women can cause relationships to fail in a big way. My husband was an alcoholic and played around most of our marriage BUT there were always predatory women in those bars ready to ruin his marriage. In the end BOTH my greedy husband and his girlfriend were equally to blame. They wanted it all and tried to kill me so he did not have to pay alimony and share the marital assets. I also blame myself for allowing him to abuse me for 32 years and think he could treat me with such disrespect. As you can see, plenty of blame to go around. The only thing I can say is that this experience really showed me an important lesson. I should have listened to my instincts and spiritual guides WAY earlier in the marriage and left him pretty much after we were married. Fear kept me in the marriage. If I had just believed in myself more, I would never have ended up in the shape I am now… Any young women out there just heed my warning… don’t put up with your partner’s abuse and think he will change the next time. A fox in the hen house is always going to eat the hen. Its in his nature. NOTHING will change the nature of a predatory man or woman.

  3. Alex

    to Cherry. tell that to my ex-wife. fooling around in our bed with a mutual friend while i was working nights, then when i began to suspect, i was the ass. She started to blame me for the problems between her and our children. then when it finally ended, she had a group of friends help her move her out, again while i was at work so i could have no say or try to talk her out of it. its not always women, its not always men….both can play an equally bad role.

  4. Cherry

    For Mark Goetz, why are you blaming the author? The author is right all the marital problems, love problems, relationship problems, mostly the reason for breaking is you the MEN in this world. It is always the women who tried to save the marriages. It is always the women who shows love in words and in action towards men. It is always the women who give way & understand the partner to keep the relationship. It’s very obvious that men can cheat, and women cannot.

  5. Mark Goetz

    Why is it always why you should leave Him, why he is not good enough, why he is a failure…the list goes on regarding your bias towards men.
    When will we see stories like why she is conniving, why she can’t accept someone for who they are, why she men for her own gains…
    A bias towards men is what your articles are.


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