How to Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign

How to Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Not All Relationships are in the Stars

Breakups are hard and rejection can be devastating. If you must end a relationship with someone, of course, you would want to do so gently, always gently, and with kindness. (Unless they were cruel or abusive, in which case, let ‘em have it. Or just slip away for your protection if necessary. Whichever choice you feel is safest for you.)

However you handle it, handing someone their walking papers is almost never easy, but practicing the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you will help tremendously. In most cases, talking it over in person is the best thing to do. Ghosting brings nothing but potentially endless pain to the abandoned heart and maybe guilt to the ghoster. Ending things by text, or a note is also to be avoided if at all possible. But never fear, we are here to offer some helpful pointers for how to break up with each zodiac sign. For greater insight, be sure to read your sun, moon, and rising sign.

Zodiac Break Up Advice


You can be direct about wanting to end things with your Ram but doing so with a large dose of courtesy and gentleness will be much appreciated. If the God of War feels disrespected, well, it won’t be pretty. The Mars-born can be frighteningly jealous. Heaven help you if you’ve already started up with someone else because that will turn into a terrible fight. (Remember that they have horns.) But once it’s done, they can move on almost insultingly fast. So fast, you might think it was done to get even with you. (It was.) Despite all this, they are usually capable of forgiving and forgetting, and could well remain friends with you.


Breaking it off with the Venus-ruled takes patience and lovingkindness. Be prepared for a long talk with this stubborn sign. Make it clear you are done, so there’s no misunderstanding. It can be exceedingly difficult for the Bull to let go of loving you, and very often they will pine for you, perhaps for years, hoping you will return to them one day. Unless you betrayed their love, in which case, the fury of the Horned One could burn hotter than the fires of Hell itself. For the sake of your well-being, never cheat on a Taurean. Unfaithfulness can fill them with a rage that rivals an atomic bomb blast. They could go scorched earth and refuse to have anything to do with you ever again.


The Twins practically invented talking, so be prepared to do a whole lot of that with them. It may be that the Mercury-ruled invented questions too, for they will have a great many questions. Answer them as fully, honestly, and kindly as you can. They will need to understand your reasons for breaking up with them. If you’re straightforward about the spark being gone, they might even agree with you. Talking it out can be a form of healing for your Gemini, and that can lead to stepping back into friendship.


The Crab can cling on almost indefinitely to one they truly love and hope for reconciliation long after a breakup. Be extremely kind as you let them down easy but be sure they know you are certain things are over between you. Cold cruelty could bring out their snapping claws, but gently reassuring them instead that your connection meant something important, and that what you two had was special and real, will help them. The Moon Child may feel very hurt, wounded, and vulnerable, so be careful that you two are in a safe and private place for them to share their tender feelings and tears with you.


Beware of offending the dignity of the proud Lion. Keep their considerable pride in mind and speak to them respectfully. To ignore this would put one in peril, for the wrath of the Big Cat can be decimating. (They really do have fangs and claws.) The sun-ruled would take a breakup better if you were to invite them out to a lovely meal and/or buy them a luxurious (as in very expensive) gift, express your heartfelt appreciation for them, and then in private tell them things just aren’t working out for either one of you. Blame yourself, not them. That will help.


Suspense worries the Virgin. It’s always good to avoid the “We need to talk” line beforehand, as that would send them into a tailspin of overthinking. When you two do talk about the difficult parts, be ready to listen as they carefully analyze every point. Calmly make your case but know that disrupting the Mercury-born’s relationship hopes can be very upsetting to them. It might surprise you to learn of their well-thought-out plans for your life together. They may not see the logic of a breakup and they might try to reason with you, hoping you’ll stay together.


Breaking up can undo the tender heart of the Venusian and send them spiraling into bitter despair because they live for love. Your love. So much so, that after a breakup, Librans are very likely to use every considerable charm they possess to bring about reconciliation. When you have the ending discussion, it can help to bring their favorite flowers, candy, a thoughtful gift, and a lot of lovingkindness. They need you to play fair, so be willing to go to couples counseling if they ask it of you. If that doesn’t work to restore the togetherness they crave, they’ll at least know you genuinely tried to work things out first, and that can help them feel better about letting go…eventually.


Scorpions in love commit themselves heart, body, mind, and soul. The depth of their passionate love is infinite. They are intensely sensitive and can be easily wounded, even if they try to hide this. Handle breaking things off with a Scorpion with extreme care and gentleness, or they could deliver an emotionally fatal sting one will never forget. If one cheats or commits an act of betrayal, woe unto them, for the Scorpion will likely be vengeful. It is all but impossible for them to remain friends with exes. To them, when it’s over, it’s over. Forever. Fair warning: It is never wise to ghost them. They will come looking for the one who behaved in such a cowardly way, and they will find them. They will not care if all the world hears what they have to say to the ghoster for being a world-class *insert-expletive-here*.


The Archer can appear to be cavalier, but don’t let their seemingly carefree ways make you believe that the Centaur is heartless. Far from it. They just don’t always wear their more tender feelings openly. Candidly explain the ways you both could benefit from the freedom you are giving them, and they may not like it, but they’ll usually understand it. Honesty always gratifies the Jupiter-born, but if not handled with great care, be prepared for them to be bluntly forthright in return. Some can remain friends, but when most gallop away, they seldom if ever look back.


The Sea-Goat can plunge into dark depression when their relationship is shattered. The Saturnian-ruled can appear cool but inside they feel like they’re falling apart. Be gentle, for they can be so hurt that all they hear from you is rejection. They feel like they’ve worked hard at building something good with you and may argue with what you say. It helps to reassure them that it was real, it wasn’t a waste, but that you’ve essentially outgrown each other. This will help them through the long, painful nights ahead as they try to heal.


Be ready to talk with your Water Bearer and answer their questions, for their rebellious side won’t easily accept your ending things until they have needed answers. It’s important to be both clear and kind, for you could remain friends. But harshness can make the flowing, spa-like waters of the Uranian-ruled heart freeze into ice so cold and hard you may no longer recognize the one you once loved. It will be as if the electricity went out and you are dropped into icy darkness. Or their big heart may be so broken that they literally turn their back on you and walk away without a word. They may forever after act as if you no longer exist.


The Fish are sweet, sentimental, sensitive, and romantic. If you so much as hint ahead of time that you intend to talk about breaking up with them, they may swiftly swim away to ward off what they know they can’t bear to hear. This is the one time a letter might be helpful if you invite them in writing to talk in person. Be exquisitely gentle with them during your breakup discussion and be willing to allow continued communication to give them the support and validation they will need to heal. If it’s done right, the Neptunian-born can be forgiving and even willing to remain friends. You two might even reconcile again one fine day.

Easing the Blow

It’s never easy to break up, but doing so face-to-face with loving, empathic, and kind consideration for your soon-to-be-ex partner will help a great deal to ease the trauma of their heartbreak, pain, and anguish. It could potentially open the door to being friends afterward, and maybe even getting back together over time. It will certainly help you feel better to know you handled it with real maturity, courage, caring, and grace. If you need help on how to approach your partner about this, a talk or chat with a Love and Relationships Psychic may help.

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