Rejoining the Workforce After a Layoff

Rejoining the Workforce After a Layoff

Bouncing Back After a Layoff

It’s hard to get back on your feet after a punch in the gut. Similarly, it can be difficult to feel like you’re ready to bounce back and rejoin the workforce after a layoff, especially if it’s been a few months or more. That’s because after a layoff there are many emotions and adjustments to deal with, and you can expect much of the same when you reenter the working world. However, there are a few things you can do to make the transition from layoff to reemployment smoother.

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Aside from the few “free-pass” days you might allow yourself following a layoff, you should try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Wake up and go to sleep at the same times you did while working. Keep working out. If you had to dump the gym membership, start taking walks or try playing basketball. If you’ve never worked out, then now would be an ideal time to fit that into your schedule so it becomes part of your routine. Keep up on the latest job-related technology (software/hardware) and industry practices. These are constantly changing and evolving elements of almost any field, so you don’t want to fall behind. Keep in touch with your personal and professional contacts and let them know you’re looking for employment. Be sure to expand your reach, even if you’ve decided to take the entrepreneurial route.

The Differences and Perks 

Be aware that even while trying to keep your life as “normal” as possible, there will still be some obvious differences in the way you spend your day. There are some small joys to unemployment, like having a flexible schedule, but being employed and alleviating worries over money far outweigh the perks of unemployment.

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Getting Back to Work

Once you’ve succeeded in landing a job, feel free to congratulate yourself. You’ve certainly overcome a lot of daunting hurdles. You deserve a big pat on the back.

However, if you’ve been hired at a job that’s not your dream job—e.g., it pays less than you expected, it’s a step down from your former position or it’s something you never envisioned yourself doing—this may not be the finish line for you. No one says you can’t keep looking for a better job, and no one will judge your reasoning for taking a job that enables you to pay the bills and perhaps even helps you regain a sense of normalcy in your life. Just keep in mind that it’s easier to find a job when you have a job.

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Gratitude and Accomplishment

In addition to feeling grateful for finding a job and being able to rejoin the workforce after a layoff, you’ll most likely feel a sense of accomplishment, and why not? You’ve weathered the unemployment storm. You’ve stuck to a plan, maintained your routine and met a goal. You’ve beat the competition and landed a job. Now you can meet your obligations and perhaps even buy yourself a small gift to commemorate this new chapter in your life. You deserve it!

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5 thoughts on “Rejoining the Workforce After a Layoff

  1. LJ Innes

    Dear Mark – I love your comment to Carly and your personal share. Kudos to you for finding the positive in a seemingly negative situation and also for being grateful for the experience to boot. I’m sure your story will inspire others. ~LJ

  2. Marc from the UK

    RESPECT to Carly 🙂

    I got made redundant two years ago and found myself taking on two part time jobs, I felt at first embarrassed but realised that actually I learnt new skills, met new people and changed my out look on myself and others through having this life changing moment.


  3. LJ Innes

    Carly: Congratulations! Absolutely give yourself a pat on the back! I’m glad that this article could inspire you to keep looking going forward, but for right now – in the present time – feel accomplished and a little less stressed and enjoy it! I’m thrilled for you and you’re an inspiration for others – so thank you for sharing.

  4. Carly

    Am so grateful to have read this this morning. Yesterday, after one year and one week of being unemployed, after many tears and disappointments and rejection letters, I got a new part time job. Yes its a step down from my old job. No its not my dream job. But its a huge huge deal, and I hadn’t really congratulated myself yet or considered the fact that its always easier to get another job, when already working. A change of perspective can make all the difference, thank you.


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