How True Love Really Works

The Truth About True Love

While there is no magic formula for creating or defining true love, there are personal inhibitions such as romantic idealism and a lack of spiritual maturity that hinder us from discovering the real thing. For an authentic glimpse into what it’s truly like to love and to be loved in return, read on!

Room to Unfold

With true love, each partner gives the other room to grow into the relationship and into one another. True love is not clingy. It is born and nurtured out of strength, not fear. Fear, common among lesser and weaker relationships, causes people to cling to one another in an attempt to feel more in control, instead of trusting their partner and the relationship to unfold as it should. Truly loving your partner means giving them and the relationship room to breathe and flourish. It also means allowing each other to be individuals—who they truly are—without any need to change or control them.

The Gift of Giving

Genuine love for another person means putting their needs before your own, as much as is possible and healthy. It means always considering their feelings in all that you do, because you cannot help but to do so. It requires an ability and a drive to make sacrifices and compromises for them no matter how great. When you reach true happiness through doing what makes your partner happy, then you understand what true love actually entails.

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A Slow and Steady Burn

It is said that a raging fire burns out quickly, but it is the slow burn that keeps steadily smoldering for a long time to come. In relationships built on true love, it is about the slow and steady, but unquenchable burn that can outlast time and struggles in a way that the frenzied flame cannot. Passion that lasts is about truly seeing and appreciating every facet of your partner’s unique personhood and then fully embracing the intensity of your desire to be with this individual.

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No Change, No Growth

True love is forever growing and changing, just as we as humans continue to grow and change. The more experiences you share with your partner and the more you learn about them, the deeper your bond of love becomes. Your feelings for your partner will expand in different ways—perhaps for different reasons than you previously imagined. As you watch your partner go through struggles, you will witness them developing new strengths. This will intensify your appreciation and love for them. The ability to support them through tough times is what true love is all about.

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7 thoughts on “How True Love Really Works

  1. GEMINI6

    Thank you Alina for your article. There are somethings that I agree and disagree concerning
    relationships. I have not batted a thousand and dating and finding your life partner is so
    difficult. You can’t give to much or else they take advantage of you.

  2. Julia

    I enjoyed this article and found it to be true. Slow and steady burn and the room to unfold has really taken place in the relationship I’m in. Great article and reading it today made me realize that what I have with my partner is good. Thanks


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