In Memory of Psychic Giselle

Psychic Giselle | California Psychics
With broken hearts, we share the sad news that Psychic Giselle has passed away.  Giselle was a fun-loving and compassionate psychic who had been providing phenomenal readings for people and pets for over ... read more

In Memory of Psychic Seha

Psychic Seha | California Psychics
We are sad to share the news that Psychic Seha has passed away. Seha was a professional counselor who was also clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic. Seha had a straightforward approach but was also very ... read more

In Memory of Psychic Caralatta

Psychic Caralatta Has Passed Away Our lovely Psychic Caralatta ext. 5871 has crossed over. We are awfully saddened to share this sad and sudden news. She was born in Wisconsin and lived the majority of her ... read more

In Memory of Psychic Yasmina

Psychic Yasmina Has Passed Away Our beautiful psychic, Yasmina ext. 5358, passed away this week. We are deeply saddened by her loss and sorry to share this terrible news. While she may no longer be with us ... read more
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