Psychic Answers: What’s Coming in 2011?

As we approach the New Year, the question of what lays ahead in 2011 looms large, especially after the rough-and-tumble of 2010 (to say the least). As we push forward into the last year before 2012, what can we expect? We asked our psychics, and got some unexpected (and very hopeful!) answers back:

Psychic Kelli ext. 5130 says:

After 2010’s tumultuous transition, 2011’s new phase of spiritual serenity will be welcome. The veil that separates our world from the “other side” will be less dense. This is what the Celts and the Vikings called the “in-between world.” Our loved ones on the other side will be able to communicate with us more easily. We will see more paranormal shows on the networks, and there will be a new interest in industrialized nations for “augurs.” These are psychics who read the signs of nature. People in all nations will have an increased collective consciousness for spiritual harmony as we make our way into the “New Beginning of Harmonic Symmetry” in 2012. California Psychics will be busier than ever before!

Psychic Shamira ext. 5125 says:

For our coming new year, I feel that the need for higher education of our children is essential, as they are our future. They are our future scientists, educators, and doctors, and the list goes on. Children seem to have their own psychic abilities, and should be respected when they show an interest in something that could be their gift. In the coming year, I sense the need to be responsible for our financial stability. I see May 2011 as a bright spot, as I feel that we will be in a better place on different levels. I feel that the housing market will take an upswing, and that will increase our equity and financial stability, also. I believe in using our own psychic abilities with the joint force of our logic in order to create that upswing. I also see the priority of caring for our planet and taking responsibility when we can, to help Mother Earth and the animals of the planet. Last year we saw many environmental events take place, and with the effort and love of many, helped replace what was lost. In our coming new year, whether by land or sea, we must show that love and care for our planet is a necessity. New Year’s resolutions should be a bit lighthearted, and try do at least one thing that your heart desires!

Anya Dawn ext. 9179 offers the following predictions:

– The wedding of Prince William of Wales will be called off by Kate Middleton, and will not happen in 2011, or 2012. Prince William will not become involved with anyone else during the next two years.

– Volcanic activity in the world will make weather in much of the Midwest and New England somewhat cooler than normal during the summer of 2011.

– Science breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s medications will be in the news. Test results will show that younger people in the earlier stages of the disease will have a greater ability to slow down the development of Alzheimer’s.

– A new computer game will become popular in 2011 because it is used to read minds. The person wanting to know the honesty of another’s words will hold a device, and when they hear the other person’s statements, they will be able to decide if the person is being deceptive or truthful. It’s like having a computerized “dowsing rod” to assess if another is being sincere.

What do you think… what lies ahead in the new year?

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One thought on “Psychic Answers: What’s Coming in 2011?

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    2011, another very rough year, will at least meet or surpass 2010 for natural AND manmade disasters and significant earthquakes, volcanoe eruptions, etc….. , in the USA and globally,……

    …..and the USA and global financial strife will continue. We have a very long way to go before we are out of the woods.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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