DreamCast: A Startling Tie to a Dream Soldier

Lori from Toronto, Canada writes:

Hi Cortney,

I recently had a dream that related back to the 1940s during World War II. In the dream, I have a house on a hill, and I’m walking outside, surrounded by mountains and lush fields of grass as far as the eye can see. I’m wearing a dress from the 40s. A Jeep with six men approaches on a twisty dirt road. As I walk down the driveway, one man gets out of the Jeep to meet me. He is very handsome, and wears a gray uniform with a silver eagle splayed across the chest. He stands just inches from my face and just stares at me.


After I woke up, I asked my son what country had this type of uniform. He said it was worn by the Germans. I later told the dream to my mother-in-law, who happens to be German. She got really upset, and then took me downstairs to show me a picture of her brother, Maxamillion, who was killed in the war. It was the same man who was in my dream. I had never seen him before, so my question to you is: Why did he appear in my dream, and what message was he trying to tell me?

Hello Lori,

I get the sense that Maxamillion is trying to convey a message, but is unable to verbalize it. I think the message is for his sister – your mother-in-law – and you’re the messenger. Maybe she needs to come to terms with the past, and heal from the pain of losing him. She may also have some dreadful memories from the war that need to be released. You indicated that you’re a Scorpio born in 1960, so not only do you have healing ability (as many Scorpios do), but there’s a possibility your past life was during the war, and you might have known this man and his sister. If this is the case, it’s intriguing that you reconnected with the family in your current life.

I think if your mother-in-law would be willing to share her life experiences with you, especially those about her brother, the purpose of the dream will be revealed.

Also, sending up some prayers for Maxamillion and his sister would be a powerful catalyst for healing. You’re in this family for a reason, after all, and one of the reasons may be to help them both heal so they can move on.

Sweet dreams,


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