Paint the Town Red (and Green)

If you think you’re missing out on the holidays because you’re unattached this year, you’re missing the point. There’s a wide world of opportunities excitement, especially if you’re footloose and partner-free. So send that Grinch packing and get ready to celebrate why it’s merry to be bright and single.

You won’t lack for company
It’s estimated that at any given time in the United States, over 127 million singles are wandering the streets mate-less. And this time of year has a way of making even the most stoic souls yearn for a little company. If you’re looking for someone to cuddle up with, you’re not alone…and you won’t be alone for long if you get out there and share some of that holiday cheer.

The holiday party scene
They’re better than the clubs and bars and a far cry from a blind date. Holiday parties are chock full of new faces, yet most of them are only a couple degrees of separation from your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. That adds up to a greater likelihood of meeting people with whom you have interests, social contacts and geography in common (not to mention friends who can vouch for their character). And of course, if you have your heart set on someone you already know, a season of parties with mutual friends is a prime opportunity to make your move!

Exchanging gifts (and vibes)
Here’s your chance to make an impression on someone you’ve been thinking about. Choose a gift that shows how well you know this person, or how much you think about them. Be bold. You have the perfect excuse to get their attention with a gesture without admitting to anything that might prove awkward later. Just plant the idea and let it develop in its own time. Or, if you’re ready to shout your feelings to the holly-decked rafters, make your move. You can always blame it on the eggnog later!

‘Tis the season for secret smooches
Holiday customs were designed for guerilla romance. From the mistletoe, to the ball drop to romantic carols and candlelight, there’s certainly no want for opportunity. Don’t be blind to those little leafy bundles; it may be a bit cliché, but there’s really no better opening than a bit of well-placed mistletoe. And if you think you’re the only one furtively scanning the room for available lips on New Years, well — maybe you ought to sit down. All that confetti has gone to your head.

There are many elves in the village
While you’re living up being single and available, don’t forget about the connections that are less about your love life and more about the good life. Take advantage of the fact that your time isn’t monopolized by a relationship all the holiday commitments they entail. Have fun. Meet people; make connections; expand your social circle. If you fixate on making one type of connection, there’s a lot you might miss. Be open to all the opportunities available to you, and you can trust that you’ll make the most of being gloriously single this season.

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