Psychic Q&A: Am I Ready for a Relationship?

Psychic Q&A: Am I Ready for a Relationship This Year?

The Right Person at the Right Time

Dear Cameron,

I’m a male Virgo and have been wondering if I’m ready for a relationship this year. 2018 was kind of crazy for me to say the least. I was in what I thought was a loving relationship form the start of 2018 until about April. Then it ended. I kind of got lost for a while until I started fixing myself back up, getting healthier, and setting new goals for myself.

Then I began to date a Scorpio woman around early October. She came back into my life after being friends for more than 10 years. I thought she could possibly be “the one.” We hit it off, had great chemistry, but then she switched on me. She told me she needed space in December—the day before, she let slip that she “loved” me. I haven’t heard from her since and I have since moved on. But that one did sting a bit. I’m just looking for some insight. What should I do next?



Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:


Thank you so much for your question. I’ve asked my guides to advise you through my Tarot cards and I have good news—I believe that 2019 is going to be a very important year for you with relationships! My cards indicate that you have had some challenging situations as you’ve described, but I can see that you are still very loving despite the disappointments. Virgos often get a bad reputation for being critical and controlling, but what people often forget is that ultimately they are caretakers and, in some cases, wonderful healers. I can see that you have a lot to share with the right person, and I believe this is the year she will come into your life. Yes, you are ready for a relationship, Anton!

With a second deck that I often use for relationship readings, I have chosen The Goddess card and also the card, Acceptance. The Goddess card indicates that this new woman is going to be very special. She’s someone who is wise, kind, and who will be ready to make the commitment you are looking for. She is ready for a relationship too!

Acceptance means that before you can begin a new relationship, you must release the experiences of 2018. Many of my clients call about wanting a new partner, but they also tell me about their ex who keeps calling or the boyfriend or girlfriend they can’t stop seeing even though the relationship isn’t going anywhere. They find it hard to let go. While I am sorry that you had two relationships in the same year that ended in frustration, sometimes relationships that end quickly can be a blessing. Acceptance also means that we acknowledge the relationship wasn’t right.

Let go, and trust the Universe to bring the right person at the right time. This is confirmed in your original spread with The Two of Cups—a very important card for relationships, and The Nine of Wands, which means success in an area where there have been challenges in the past. I think you are closer than you think to finding the right partner and you are more ready for a relationship than you think too.

Virgos sometimes have a “perfectionist” side, but they are usually hardest on themselves. I’m glad to hear you took care of yourself after the first relationship ended. Make sure you continue to stay open and don’t despair if things don’t happen right away. Your cards reveal, through The 4 of Wands, that there may be a need to find some structured way to meet new people. Are you interested in online dating or other ways people meet in your area? It can be as simple as going to an event when you’re ready for a relationship. What’s important is that you are available and open to new experiences. The Page of Wands encourages you to see this as an adventure—a chance to begin anew. Enjoy the adventure dating is, as you will soon get to know someone who I believe will enjoy sharing their life with you!



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  1. Darlene

    I been separated for 5 years an have not had a relationship sense then but im very lonely an still dont know if im ready i still love my husband but he cheated on me many times in our marriage we. Were married for 43 years an feel if i know how to have another relationship with anyone thanks


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