5 Ways to Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s important to remember that being grateful is as much about what you give as what you get. You don’t need a lot of time or money or courage to make a real difference in the world. You can help every single day with small, random acts of kindness. And remember, like attracts like!

With that in mind, here are a few ideas to spread the love. You may be surprised by how much you get back!

Send a note to a stranger
Okay, so snail mail may seem passé, but an old fashioned letter can make someone else’s day – and more! From soldiers fighting overseas to kids in juvenile detention centers to the elderly in nursing homes, there are plenty of people who are isolated and lonely – or could simply use some cheering up! Do a quick run through google and you’ll find services that will provide you with list of people who’d love to hear from you. You letter doesn’t have to be long… a little appreciation goes a long way.

Forgo the right of way
When was the last time you let someone cut in line? Whether you’re stuck in traffic or at the grocery store, let another person go first for a change.

Say something nice… or show some teeth
You know that awkward silence when you’re stuck in an elevator with a stranger? Instead of staring at the floor, find something you like about the other person and compliment them. Not only will you make them feel good, you could make a new friend or find out something interesting! Feel silly? Just smile. Energetically speaking, a friendly gesture alone makes the world a better place!

Offer a hand… or hand warmers
There are plenty of inexpensive (or even free) ways you can lend a hand to someone in need. See someone struggling with too many (or too heavy) bags? Offer to carry one to their car. Tired of feeling helpless when you pass the homeless person who “lives” in your neighborhood? Buy a pair of gloves or dig up an old blanket. They’ll mean the world to someone who could use a little warming up.

Let the buck stop with you
It’s so easy to let little things go – particularly when we didn’t cause the problem. But imagine what would happen if we all took responsibility for our environment, even when the blame isn’t ours for the taking? The next time you see someone littering, don’t just shake your head and look the other way. Pick up the trash and throw it away – even better, if it’s possible, recycle!

What does doing good mean to you? Is there such a thing as the karma bank?

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