What House Dreams Reveal

Dreaming about a house can give you some powerful insights about your emotional state, relationships, spirituality, health, goals, anything about you.

Getting down to specifics, each room symbolizes a different aspect of your life. A bedroom symbolizes your sexuality and need for privacy or down time, while a kitchen can point out issues about your diet and how you nurture yourself and others. Joyden from Yuma, Arizona had this unusual kitchen dream:

The Elusive Kitchen Snake
I dreamed of an enormous, 2-foot-wide, brightly colored snake that likes to hang out in my kitchen. It slithers past the cabinets, entertaining me with the kaleidoscopic patterns on its back. My friends are horrified, telling me I should find out whether it’s poisonous or not. I tell one friend not to fear. I then try to grab the tail end of the snake, which breaks off in my hand like a translucent veil, while the other part scatters into two parts: a snake and a Gila monster. I can’t see the complete snake around the kitchen and am worried about what has become of it.

Something in Joyden’s life is both fascinating and potentially dangerous to her, or at least part of her thinks so, as represented by her friends. Because the dream took place in a kitchen, it’s something that “feeds” her emotionally (such as a relationship), mentally (a strong interest or distraction) or physically (a craving, perhaps).

It’s intriguing that the snake is so elusive. She can’t quite see it completely. What’s more, when she tries to capture the snake, part of it turns into a translucent veil, which is difficult to see and might be hiding something.

If the dream pertains to a relationship, it may be a warning that the person is fascinating but two-faced, especially about commitment (can’t capture him). And he may have a secret. On the other hand, if the dream reflects her diet, then Joyden may be having a difficult time getting disciplined about what she eats.

To get a better understanding of the dream, Joyden might try visualizing the snake lying across from her, and then asking it for a message. Since the snake is part of her psyche, its response should be illuminating.

This Old Home
To dream about a house you once lived in means you’re exploring a problem, desire or talent you developed during that time period that is likely affecting you now. Yvonne in Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania has such a dream:

I dream I’ve moved back to my old house and have to clean it out. There are all kinds of rooms that were never there before.

This is an encouraging dream that points to Yvonne’s ability to “clean out” old emotional junk so she can move forward with her life. Whatever was happening to her during the time she lived at that residence will offer clues about which issues she is dealing with now. Most importantly, as symbolized by the new rooms, Yvonne has the wisdom and skills needed to resolve the past, resources she didn’t have before. Analyzing her former attitudes, desires, challenges and goals, and how they are influencing her now, will provide insights that free her from the past.

“I Quit!”
As is evident in this dream, Rozelyn in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is on the verge of an “quitting” some family patterns:

I had a crazy dream the other night. It was so vivid! I am in my parent’s residence, but it feels like I’m at work. My current coworker and my former supervisor are also there. I am sitting in the living room with my coworker and she says something that aggravates me. I throw a soda can against the wall and yell, “I quit!”

Next, I walk down the hall and pass my parents’ bedroom. My previous supervisor is in front of the mirror combing her hair. I look at her and say, “I quit.” She looks at me nonchalantly and says, “Okay.” I leave and walk to my old bedroom and look around. It’s a mess, which it never was in real life, although this is how I saw the rest of the house while growing up. Now I walk out the bedroom and into the kitchen and see my coworker washing dishes. I repeat again: “I quit!” I have no idea why I had to repeat it so many times, but I have wanted to resign from my job.

I felt this dream had meaning because I vividly remember every detail. What do you think?

I think the dream has a very specific meaning: Rozelyn is breaking free from her parents’ influence. Because the dream took place at her parents’ house, and the supervisor was in their bedroom, it indicates that Rozelyn is “quitting” her parents’ control over her in many areas, including work (as symbolized by the coworker), authority (the supervisor), nourishment (the kitchen) and even sex (the bedrooms).

In the case of work, the problem might be Rozelyn’s career choice. For example, maybe she stops herself from pursuing an exciting goal because it doesn’t offer enough security, or perhaps she has no goals at all. Or maybe she stays too long at a job for fear of not finding a better one. I think it’s time she chose a path that’s right for her.

As for sex, the messy bedroom suggests that Roselyn has an emotional or sexual issue, perhaps one that mirrors her parents’ relationship, that hinders her love life.

At least the coworker in the kitchen was cleaning up, which indicates that Rozelyn is in the process of choosing a way of life that nourishes her.

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