DreamCast: We’re Crashing!

Danielle from Aurora, Colorado writes:

In my dream, I am in an airplane and we are getting ready to land at an airport. Then all of a sudden there are tornadoes everywhere, surrounding us. I mean, at least a dozen, if not more. We try to turn around, but the weather ends up throwing off our flight pattern. We have to do an emergency water landing because everything is flooding from so much rain. I don’t remember anything of the crash, but I and someone I don’t know get out safely. We are close enough to the airport that we swim to it and walk in. I am so lost as to what any of this means. Could you please help me?

Hello Danielle,

Usually a dream of wild weather, especially involving water, symbolizes some emotional turbulence going on inside the dreamer. But if that’s not the case with you, perhaps the dream is a premonition of some inner or outer turbulence headed your way. This might be an issue that arises in a relationship, or some event that challenges someone close to you. The dream suggests that trying to rise above the situation (plane flight) won’t be an effective way to deal with it. But even if the situation throws you off course temporarily, you’ll eventually land on your feet and get to where you need to go.

Another possibility is that the dream reflects how you feel (or how others feel) about certain global events, like the oil crisis in the Gulf or the depressed job market. Events like these create widespread fear, which people who are psychically sensitive often pick up on, especially in their dreams. In any case, I hope I’ve provided some clues.

Sweet dreams,


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