The Decapitated Fish

Annie from Canada writes:

Hi Cortney,

About two weeks ago I had this shocking dream: I see myself standing next to a man who has caught a very big fish and cut off its head. The small silver hook that was used to catch the fish is dangling on a tiny thread on the surface of the fish head. I am terrified of the bad thing we’ve done (obviously, this is an amazing fish) and so I say, Oh my, what have we done? And even though I didn’t catch it or cut off its head, I feel responsible for its death.

The next thing I do is throw the fish head back into the ocean, and although its gills are cut, the head starts swimming somehow. Even though it looks very painful and the water around the fish is bloody, I have a feeling that this fish head might survive. After waking up, all I could think of was the pain that was caused to that fish.

If you could shed some light on what my dream means, I would be very grateful.
Thanks for your time and insight.

Hello Annie,

Has something happened (or is something happening) in your life that you feel guilty about, but which you weren’t responsible for? In addition to the guilt, the main symbol in the dream is the fish head, which represents the intellectual side of your nature. Conversely, the ocean is your unconscious, emotional side. Are you cut off from your feelings in some way? Do you suppress your feelings during stressful situations so that your mind can take charge? Or maybe it’s the other way around: Your logical side is struggling to survive in the ocean of your feelings. Whatever is happening within you, the interaction between the intellectual and emotional sides of your psyche is causing you pain.

Another idea: The fish might symbolize your spirituality, especially if your beliefs tend toward Christianity. You may feel some guilt if you’ve been neglecting your spiritual life or have adopted beliefs from another religion. The fish head could also represent an idea that has emerged from your unconscious and is struggling to take hold.

Here’s a suggestion: Meditate on the fish head and see if it talks to you! Then you’ll get the message straight from the source.

Sweet dreams,

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