Spiritual Insights: Dreams of Death Help to Transform

Sarah from Kamloops, Canada wrote:

I have had messages in my dreams that have actually happened in my real life. I was shown the path that I was to take at one point in my life, and what was going to happen to me, even though I wanted to do something else. It just so happened that everything that occurred led me right down the path that I had been shown… When I’m off and wanting to do something that isn’t on my path, I will be shown in my dreams.

But lately I have had two dreams of death. One, I was at the funeral of my grandfather who died over twenty years ago. He was lying in a coffin, and when it was my turn to view him, he sat up and smiled at me and said “Hi, I’m glad to see you.”

In the second one I was at a wedding which wasn’t mine, but I was wearing a wedding dress. We were all celebrating by a pool, and I slipped in, falling face up. I went to the bottom and took a breath in and drowned. It was peaceful and I didn’t panic or try to swim to the top. Then I was on the top looking at my body lying in the water. I then joined the party and woke up.

I felt that they weren’t foretelling my death but of changes in my life as I know it. Am I right about this?

Dear Sarah,

You are absolutely on target about these dreams! Have you thought about teaching or writing about the wisdom you’ve gained? A lot of people would benefit.

The dream with your grandfather was a reminder to you that life is eternal, so that when you “died” in the second dream you’d remember that and be unafraid enough to get the real message. Also, your grandfather may be a new guide.

The wedding dream is amazing, with many vivid layers, and I can only scratch the surface in this space. The wedding dress seems to symbolize that you’re ready for a major life transition, one which is usually undertaken joyfully, and which brings challenges as well as blessings. But it’s not your wedding, so it’s not quite time for your journey.

When you fell into the pool you fell deep into your unconscious, and the fact that you were face up, seeing things above you, and also standing above looking down at yourself, probably means that you’ll be able to do the deep inner journeys prophesied with full consciousness and clear memory.

These indicators of your full awareness, along with the presence of a lot of other people who are probably in an altered state (intoxicated) invites you, yet again, to share your experiences.

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3 thoughts on “Spiritual Insights: Dreams of Death Help to Transform

  1. Waltraud Boden

    I do a lot of dreaming but never can figure out the meaning. Every time I see my Husband he is just fine and happy with other females. He is IN REAL LIFE hANDICAP BUT IN MY DREAMS NOT. wE ARE BOTH YOUNG AND HAVE LOTS OF fRIENDS. nOW THAT WE ARE OLDER, LIKE 55 YEAR MARRIED i HAVE THOSE dREAMS.

  2. dreamwizarddreamwizard

    I believe the dream signified your readiness, newly ignited awareness of your own spiritual awakening and committment.

    A portion of your life was spent having a good time with friends, drinking and socializing (a more dark non-enlightened time), however, this stage in your life was ending as the dream and spirit guide took your hand symbolically showed you this part of yourself had reached “the end of your corridor”.

    The new double doors that you were shown was your new desire of double committment (mental and physical) committment for spiritual awakening, to see the goddess within.

    You were shown the garden of heaven (full spiritual awakening), to understand that GOD recognizes your new quest in your spirituality and to know that he knows your truth, your pure intention to grow spiritually and that a better place in your life can be found by nurturing the spirit within.

    The lake represents “spirituality” and your new desire to seek spiritual truth and live a life of spiritual truth has been sparked unto you like that of an excited child, ready to run and jump and splash into a lake……a spiritual lake of profound awakening.

    What a wonderful dream!

  3. Pam Hart

    I was wondering if someone could help me with a dream I had a few years ago and still have not been able to find someone to tell me the meaning. I was asleep one night and I started dreaming about people I haven’t seen in prolly 20 25 years and they were people we used to party with and someone took my hand and led me down a dark dark corrider but there were my old friends all lined up drinking and talking and at the end of the corridor there was a big double door and when I opened it it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. There were alot of women like greek goddesses and small children all dressed in beautiful flowing white robes. I didn’t know one but it was beautiful everything was white and golden and sunny with a big beautiful lake that the kids were splashing around in. It was breathe taking and a man in a long white robe that looked like jesus appeared and said to me” Welcome my child I’m glad that you are here and your more than welcome to stay here.” I woke up and it was 5:45am so I tried to hurry and fall back asleep so I could go back there but no such luck. However when I did wake up that morning I felt different and well rested and I’ve never had the dream again. God it was so beautiful and pure. I’d love to have that dream again so I could talk to the man this time and see where we were.


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