She Sees Dead People

Charlene in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada writes:

Hi Cortney,

The other night I had a dream that I was able to see dead people. At the start of the dream, I’m standing beside a pool with some people I don’t know. The water is murky/cloudy white and we are trying to clean it. We find clothes in the water, and after we drain the pool we find the body of a woman at the bottom (I think she may have been tied down). As people start to investigate, I notice she is moving. I think she’s alive (a miracle), but it turns out that I’m seeing her ghost coming to life. I end up talking to her and trying to help her find out how she died. At some point we end up at a police station and I start talking to a female lawyer. She can see the dead person too! Then I wake up.

As a child I was able to sense “death” but I have never been able to communicate with the dead. What do you think my dream means? I have always had very colorful, crazy dreams, both good and some really bad. You could write a book just on my dreams alone! If you could help, I would be so grateful. Thanks so much.

Hello Charlene, you indicated you’re a Pisces, a sign that’s often highly intuitive, so I’m not surprised that you sensed death when you were a child and still have crazy dreams as an adult. Aside from illuminating your inner life, your dreams can be a powerful source of inspiration for your creativity.

As for your dream, you might have been communicating with someone who recently crossed over. Whether she was actually in a pool is difficult to say. You might have picked up on something that bothered her as she died, such as difficulty breathing (symbolized as drowning) or being incapacitated (tied down).

On the other hand, if the dream is purely symbolic, it’s you who feels tied down in murky water. Dreams of water usually reveal your emotional state, and the fact that you were cleaning the water suggests that you’re striving for more clarity in your life. And look what the clarity uncovered: a part of your psyche you thought had died, but is actually alive and well in another form. Does that make sense? Do you have a talent or desire that you put on hold, but that has reemerged recently? Something to think about, anyway.

Sweet dreams,

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