Red Responds: A Lucid Dreaming Experience

Andrea in Rice writes:

The strangest thing happened to my dad. It was at night a couple years ago and it was 3:00-4:00 in the morning. He was lying down on the couch wide awake cause he is used to working at this hour. He heard this strange bonging-chiming noise coming from the other apartment room right next to his. Then he saw two silouettes of humans entering into the apartment without hearing the door open. (The door squeaks when it opens.) His heart was pounding really hard, slowly the sillouettes started walking toward him and my dad just turned over afraid and they were right by his side. Then he felt like he was having a seizure or like an electric shock for about 15 seconds as if they tazered him. When that was done they were gone and he heard one of them say to the other… “Did you know that he was concious through the whole thing?” Then the other replied,”I know,but nothing we can do about it.” Then my dad was really calm and at peace after it happened. Do you have any idea what happened? Did you ever hear of anything like this before?

Dear Andrea,

I did spend a great deal of time and energy in meditation and other practices in hopes of getting you an answer, but I’m afraid I’m coming up short. All I can do is share with you what little information I received.

While I do believe that we are not alone in this universe, I got a whopping NO on the alien angle – even though your father has seen some unexplained night sky issues in his younger years. If the ET’s are here in human form, they haven’t visited your dad.

This also wasn’t a ghostly visit. More than one person has experienced various levels of tingling or painful electrical-type sensations in their bodies when there is strong spiritual activity – but this also doesn’t appear to be the answer.

Your father’s energy is the only energy I can detect at the time of the incident. Because of this, the best I can do is offer a theory. It is possible that your dad was having a lucid dreaming experience, or unbeknownst to him, inadvertently ventured into the astral plane. When I try to “tap in,” your dad’s energy has a shifting there-but-not-there feel to it when this was happening. This makes me lean more toward an ethereal experience, but, the bottom line is – I really can’t tell you what happened or why. You might want to try one of our other talented psychics – perhaps a Medium?

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of more help.
Ext. 9226

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