Red Responds: Guided by Her Dreams

Lori in Sacramento writes:

I have had dreams for many years now, ever since I can remember. I dream of people, places I will live and situations that I will find myself in one day. My dreams are not the kind that need interpreting, when they come to be, it is exactly as I have dreamed. Through a dream I knew my children and my husband before I met him. 

And through dreams I have known of his infidelities, dreaming the initials, facial and body features even the color and type of car driven by the other woman. We separated for nearly three years, and we have now been back together for nearly two years. My question is, I don’t seem to have any dreams like I did before, not just about him, but at all.

Is there something that I need to do, or something that I haven’t done? They have guided me most of my life, and I feel lost without them. In the past I have visited psychic fairs and none will talk with me, it is as if they know something and don’t want to say what it is. I come from a line of dreamers, I have been told it is the Cherokee blood that runs through my veins. I want to dream again, please let me know what I need to do to reestablish my dreams.

Dear Lori,

The Cherokee bloodline does explain a lot, from your dreaming gift to being avoided at psychic fairs.

Certain bloodlines carry in them the knowledge of the ages, which can be a bit psychically freaky, if the psychic doesn’t rather quickly put it together. In a psychic fair arena, there is whole lot of energy mingling and flowing, and when you show up, it could simply be catching them off guard. For myself, certain things will set off a “psychic trigger.” Certain bloodlines and some other psychics present differently. As an example, Native American blood smacks me like icy-cold, silky river, one that not only holds the essence of life – but also the knowledge of it. I am immediately intimidated by it, put two and two together, and then totally dive into the experience because I am so drawn to the old blood and old culture. But, my initial thought process goes directly to, “there’s a bigger, better, and badder psychic in the house!” You could be on the receiving end of something similar. It’s not that’s there’s something awful going on that no one wants to tell you, it could just be that they feel there is nothing they can tell you.

Life can clog-up psychic gifts. So, it’s not that there’s anything you have done to cause your dreams to stop, but it could be that you are more in need of rest than guidance. If there was an important message that needed to get through, it would.

From what I can glean, you haven’t lost your gift, but you also aren’t nurturing yourself – physically or spiritually. I would advise you to incorporate a little more nature and some meditation into your daily life. Because you have old blood, attune yourself to the old ways. Try taking a relaxing bath before bed, and allow yourself to be still before seeking sleep. Ask your ancestors to come and walk with you in the lands of the dreamscape.

Brightest Blessings!
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