The Art of Vulnerability

Plants absorb nutrients from the earth, sun and sky. To get light, they must sometimes withstand the heat. To get water, they must sometimes weather the storm. To take what they need from the soil, they must grow root systems designed to keep them stable in the shifting earth.

Humans aren’t much different. To get the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment we need, we also expose ourselves to certain dangers. Whether we like it or not, we are vulnerable.

If you take the idea of vulnerability beyond a definition of weakness or fragility, and look at healthy vulnerability as a “willingness to take chances that allow for personal growth,” you’ll begin to understand how it can make you strong and enrich your life. With the courage that it takes to be as open and honest with yourself as vulnerability requires, you can see deeper inside yourself, expand your goals for the future, and even open yourself up to love.

Top 10
Begin recognizing moments every day when it’s safe to show, even indulge in, your own vulnerability. A healthy sense of openness to risk or vulnerability will help you accomplish the following:

1. Develop richer, more meaningful relationships.

2. Create less overall stress (you no longer have to be perfect all the time!).

3. Help increase self-confidence.

4. Allow more time to be spent pleasing yourself (and less time pleasing others).

5. Free you from worrying about what everyone else thinks.

6. Open you up the possibility of greater emotional and spiritual growth.

7. Allow you to truly heal from past wounds by being more emotionally open.

8. Give you the wisdom and freedom to make the most beneficial choices.

9. Allow you to reap the benefits that come with being able to share your feelings with others.

10. Open you up to new social situations.

By accomplishing all of the above, it will make you a better overall communicator, which will enable you to both share and empathize with others to a greater degree. Ultimately, this will give you deeper insight into ways you can improve yourself and create the life you want.

The hard facts
For some, being vulnerable is difficult because of past experiences. Sonia’s boyfriend cheated, so she claims she’ll never trust another man again. Alan’s dad left the family when he was little, so he doesn’t think he’ll ever be a good father. For others, even admitting to vulnerability is difficult. Tanya likes to play like she’s tough and can’t be hurt. Dan’s a superman, impervious and impermeable. For them, vulnerability is something to shut away and deny – but in actual fact, it rules their lives.

The wounds we receive in life are real, and it’s important to give ourselves the time and space to heal from them. The behaviors we develop to protect ourselves from being hurt are normal, necessary and beneficial, but we can’t shut ourselves away in a protective shell forever. If we want a fulfilling life that includes meaningful, supportive relationships, it’s essential that we embrace our vulnerability. Being vulnerable certainly exposes you to a few dangers, but the benefits far outweigh them.

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